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I recently had sex for the first time after giving birth to my daughter. It wasn't the greatest experience as there didn't seem to be much friction durning the intercourse. I've been doing my pelvic floor exercises but is there anything else i could do to bring things back to pre birth standed?
After tearing badly with my first baby, I was terrified of attepting sex again. Luckily my husband is a very patient man and understood my reservations. Relax (have a glass of bubbly if you like) and use lube (KY or similar) - have heard it is all muscle so a few work outs may be all thats needed to get back on track:-)
I didn't atart enjoying sex again until my daughter was about 5 months old and now it is as good as it ever was! We had to use lube for a while after also! Good luck!

Rachel, 20mth girl + 1 on the way

don't worry it just takes time. as long as you are doing your exercises everything will be fine. in the meantime do other stuff!!

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

Its been six weeks since the birth of my son and im ready to have sex again but im terrified it will hurt. Does it?

Sarah, SA, 6week baby

For me I wouldn't say it actually hurt - it just felt like it had to stretch so much again. I had a second degree tear and was stiched up so that probably didn't help. I just had to learn to relax all over again. We also used alot of lube for the first few times which helped heaps! Good luck!

Rachel, 20mth girl + 1 on the way

Hi sarah
for me it doesn't really hurt with ky. It was not what i had remembered though but it's slowly getting back to that old feeling
have a go at riding that bike again!!!
Hi all

I relly dont have a problem with pain more that I dont feel like it. I have two children and I am on the go 24/7 but I miss my special time with my huusband but when it comes to sex or any intamacy I have no desires, what can I do to bring it back it has been gone since I had out daughter 4 and a half years a go

On the note of tearing I have torn both time with major second degree tears and as long you either uses some lube or before you hubby tries to enter engage in forplay to promote natrual lubrication you should be fine. It can be a little tender when the suture line but not painful.

Hope some one can help with the return of sex drive!!!

Michelle - Mum to Bridgett (4yrs) & William (7Wks)

You need time for yourselves. We had our baby 2 months ago and I am lucky to have nanny who loves looking after Jessika, but my other half and I make time for just us. Have a date night once a month or more if you can go out for dinner, to a movie, we like to play golf, do things together and get to know each other again without the stress of the kids. Maybe that will work for your relationship and your desires will return. Before Jessika was born we talked about this issue and it is working well for us. It is easy to fall into a routine and stale life pattern. Try and enjoy alone time even if it is a couple of hours, try to put the kids, work and the house to the back of your mind and enjoy each other.

You can tell I watch too much Oprah and Doctor Phil.


Baby: Jessika

Thanks everyone for your replys and advice
It's all working out well now

Hi mummybrain,

I'm no expert, but for myself, if I don't feel intimate in other aspects, it can feel like an uphill battle to enjoy that time together. I would ask myself, Do we feel close/Do I feel like I understand how he's feeling (about other stuff, too)/Do we have any unresolved conflicts? All the best....
Is it a good idea to wait for your 6 week check up before getting back into it?? I gotta admit the idea scares me a little until I get the all clear from my GP. I would like to try but I have this awful fear of getting a prolapsed uterus or causing some permanent damage or of pain ... I'm such a hypochondriac .... he he

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

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