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Anyone else feel like screaming? Lock Rss

I have a 10 week old beautiful girl but she just has such a problem going to sleep. She screams at the top of her lungs until she goes to sleep and i just dont feel like i can take it.
Am i alone? Has anyone else had this problem? What do i do?

Tina & baby Jasmine
ohhh Tina ((hugs)) it is so hard to get a newborn baby to sleep, how long is she crying before she finally falls asleep?


Liam Evan, 2

We adopted our little girl when she was almost 4 months old, she screamed basically 24/7 sleeping for 30 minutes max this went on for what seemed like ever and then one day just stopped.

She is now extremely happy.

All i can suggest is a good baby sitter and a quick trip to someplace peaceful (even if its just the backyard)

Lilli May born February 3rd 2006

Hi there tina ann,
Im a first time mum too, When my dd was born she had jaundice till she was about 1 month old so she used to sleep all the time.
When it cleared up all she would was scream all day non stop and get so worked up she'd cough and splutter.
I mean all day!!! I couldnt put her down, She wouldnt sleep through the day and i just couldnt do anything around the house, have a shower etc... Fortunatly she gave me at least 6 hours sleep at night so I could cope with the screaming the following day.
This went on till she was 2 months old and I gave her to mum for the weekend and also started to add 20 ml of water to her bottles as i thought they were causing her colic. Infact to this day i swear she was colic.
The second day at mums she didnt cry at all and when we brought her home she was an angel!!!
All the screaming just stopped on that day..
I do now how frustrated you must feel, i used to leave my dd scream when i couldnt cope and go outside and walk around the yard to calm down...

It will get better and i wish you all the joy in the world with your wee little one!!!!!

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Hi Tina does your little girl suffer from wind or colic cause that does cause them to scream and cry all the time? I know that when my daughter use to cry at that age I use to take her for a walk around the backyard or walk down the shops and you arent alone my daughter use to be like that and have you tried music in her room when you put her down or a teddy bear that she could have near her.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi Tina,

I have a 7wk old boy who is awake for most part of the day and sleeps through the night. The frustrating part is, he just can't sit in his bouncer and be content, he has to cry. A family member is getting him a mobile for xmas which we hope will entertain him. It does break my heart to see him upset so much but it also makes me smile because the faces he pulls are so cute smile

Totally In Love

Hi tina ann,

I have a 9 week old little girl who did exactly the same thing as your bub when i put her down to sleep. It turns out she had colic. A friend put me onto a herbal colic mixture which worked wonders. Bubs is now weaned off the mixture and is a happy bubbly baby now. She settles herself to sleep after a feed, then a play of about 45 mins. I place her into her cot, wrapped up, at the first signs of tiredness. I also bought a bouncer that plays lots of tunes and has bright lights and lots of things for her to look at. The in-built massager works wonders. She loved it from the first time she used it. The bouncer is a great help in settling her.

Good luck and just remember... you are not alone!

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