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I am proud to be the mum of a beautiful 14 day old boy Alexander he was born 8p 5ounce.
A big healthy boy who loves his milk but just today he decides that he is going to have preference towards the right breast rather than the left therefore leaving me a bit lopped sided.
I have tried a few things but nothing seems to be of help im getting a bit worried can anyone help.I'd would be ever greatful. :-d
Hi Zandersmum, I had this problem with my son but it was right from the start. He was 8pound 6ounce and was a breech baby It wasnt until I took him to a chiropractor that I realised he had a problem with his neck. As it turned out he would have been in pain to use my right breast but didnt have any problems with my left. I guess it was just the different angle. This may just be a coincidence but I thought I might mention it to you just in case. I hope you find a solution very soon. Good luck.
Hi mums,

only an idea, but maybe the football position, where you lay the baby at your side to feed, may help,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

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