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Hi there,

I was wondering how long you can expect to keep bleeding after the birth of my darling son. I bled for only a few days in hospital (after a c-sect) and then started again at 2 weeks. My Dr thought that I prob had a uterine infection, so gave me antibiotics - but am still bleeding (although lightly) at 3 weeks. I am getting sick of it (selfish I know). Not sure if I should go back to the Dr. I know I didn't ask enough questions when spoke to the Dr last week.

Also, my stomach continally feels like it is sun burnt - has anyone else had this after a c-section?


Hey Jackie,

Sorry I haven't had a c-section so i can't be of any use on that one. But i bled with my girls for 8 weeks and 5 weeks. So you could have a long way to go or you might not keep bleeding for long at all. Everyone's different. I've heard of some women only bleeding for 2 weeks, others 3 months!! I think the difference for me was with my second bub the midwife actually pushed down on my uterus straight after she was born and pushed all the clots and excess blood etc. out so i had significantly less bleeding because of this. The first time no one did this.... But i don't really know what the deal is after a c-section, sorry!!! You're not selfish, it is a pain, isn't it?? So long as you're not passing any clots you should be right. If you do get a few clots its best to pop down to see your gp, as you may have an infection.

Hope it all stops for you soon!!

Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica

Hi Jackie,

It's horrible isnt it. I bled for about 4 weeks afterwards and then thank god it stopped. My friend though, had a baby 8 weeks ago and is still bleeding. She has just found out that some of the placenta is still inside so they have booked her in for curet(not sure of spelling). She is still bleeding heavy though, so thats a lil different to you. I would say, as with everything else, if you are unsure see the dr.
I hope it stops for you soon.........hey and just think, now you will have your periods to worry about again.......hehehe full of good news arent I


Nth Qld 2 year old Shannon

I bled until about 5 weeks but probably only 4 of on and off heavy bleeding. I did however get 2 big clots (one a bit bigger than tampon size) which freaked me out!

Don't know about the c-section thing though.

Mandy, and baby Ava May (born 02.03.06), Adelaide

My daughter is 6 months old. I bled quite heavily for 8.5 weeks! I then stopped for a month then my normal periods started, and have been regular ever since!

Aly, 6mth girl

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