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Pap smear test - abnormal result Lock Rss

Hi there,

After the birth of my baby I had a pap smear test and I have to have another test in 3 months time because the test came back with an abnormal result.
Has anyone else had this happen to them and should I be concerned at this stage?
This was my first pap smear test.

Thanks for any info!

1st time Mum to Emily 7/2/06

i had an abnormal pap smear before i was pregnant (few years before) i had to have a proceedure done to remove the abnormality but i always had follow ups every 6 mths with a gyno...i found that i didn't get too concerned if he wasn't but my advice would be keep asking questions...find out exactly what the abnormality is and read up on it....

Denise 25 Xavier 28.04.06


I had an 'abnormal' result with my first smear too. I went to an OB/GYN who did a biopsy on my cervix, and it came back as a 'pre-cancerous area'. It sounds really scary and I was really shocked, I'm only 23 and didn't think I would have anything wrong, but the ob said they are just cells which MAY progress into cervical cancer at SOME time in the next 50 years, so its not as scary as it sounds! I was booked in to have an operation to have the cells removed when I fell pregnant, the ob was not worried and has kept an eye on it during the pregnancy, but it has not grown or changed at all. When bub is about 5 months I can book in to have the op done, it just a simple procedure (you can be awake or asleep - I'll be asleep!!!) they go in through your belly button and also in through your vagina and "burn" the cells out. Recovery is about one week (maximum) and it's all over.

One way to put it, is you have moles on your skin, which COULD progress into skin cancer at SOME stage of your life, this is pretty much the same but in your cervix. Technology is so good these days that things like this would never have been picked up 20 years ago until it progressed, so don't stress too much, whatever the reason for the abnormal result, you have found it in the early stages and it can be fixed.

If they are just getting you to take another test in 3 months and not doing a colposcopy or biopsy straight away, then it's probably nothing to worry about. If they thought it was serious, you would be whisked into the ob's rooms and tested straight away.

My result was a pretty major one for a first smear, so please don't let my story scare you, I'm just trying to say that even if it is bad (which it doesn't sound too serious) it can be fixed fairly easily.

Good luck and keep me posted.

Dear Bigglet,
i'm Tracy i first had a abnormal smear at 19yrs i've had cin 1 2 3 3 2 i'm now 26yrs old having my first bubs due sept 15. cin 1 is common normally they will do a follow up to see how it is going or if it has grown. All up i have had 4 ops yehh i admit i [email protected] my self finding out but if i didn't go and have my regular smear for the pill, i wouldn't of known? i urge all u gals to go regular cause it could save u alot of pain (of not knowing) i had to have 3mnth smears then 6mnths and for the last 3 yrs since no cin every 1 yearly. I can never for the rest of my life ever have a two yearly smear again .SO GIRLS DON'T FORGET ,OR PUT IT OFF CAUSE YEHH I ADMIT THERE BLOODY HORRIBLE BUT WE NEED TO DO THEM.


Hi there Bigglet, just be cautious, its not something to muck around with. I had a normal pap smear result. Then 6 months later, my period lasted for 2 weeks (normally totally regular) so I went to my doctors for another smear test. This test result showed CIN 2. I had developed level 2 pre-cancerous cells in 6 months. CIN 3 is the stage before Cancer. I went to hospital and had a colposcopy done, and then went and had laser surgery through the vagina to 'burn' them off. I was awake for the first attempt - but they found I had a tilted cervix and it was difficult for them to be accurate with the laser. So they booked me in again and this time I went in under general anaesthetic. I recovered perfectly from this, had a couple of days bleeding, but that was all. Small price to pay for peace of mind. I had to have a colposcopy 6 months later and everything was fine. I have since had another pap smear (when I was 12 weeks pregnant) to make sure there were no more pre-cancerous cells, and I am fine and the pregnancy is progressing fine.

Don't be complacent about this, yeah, there is the possiblity that the abnormal result might not turn into anything, but there is also the chance that it might. I am only 27 and thought that this would never happen as I was too young, but its really common, and if caught early enough - really easy to fix!

Mamabear to Ella Rose born 28/9/06

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