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Hi Me and DP are due to have our bub at the start of June and we're very excited. I am going to be Maid Of Honour at my best friends wedding which is in July... So bubs will be bout a month old, is it safe to fly with a newborn? Does anyone have any tips for me to help settle the bub on take off and landing??

Thanks heaps smile Feel free to send a private message if u like smile
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I haven't flown with my son yet but we are going back to England when he is 3 months old to visit family. From what I have read you are fine to fly with newborns and feeding them during take off and landing apparently helps them equalise the pressure in their ears. However, someone also said not to start the feed too soon as you have to remember it takes a while to taxi etc so wait until it is actually needed. Personally I am also taking a couple of sterilised dummies with me as back up.
Thankyou for ur response, that does help me alot. I will definately take a dummy or two as well. smile Enjoy ur time in England smile
my son was 3months old when we flew, i just had the (boob) ready to help settle him when he got upset. but the flight was only 2hrs.

izacc,ethan and mya

i have heard that breastfeeding the baby while taking off and landing (or bottle feeding) cos it helps with the pressure changes that occur. it helps stop their ears from "popping" which will be painful and upset them.
good luck!

Hi Jodie

You haven't mentioned how long your flight is, but if it's a long one perhaps consider taking some expressed breast milk as well because altitude and cabin pressure may affect your supply (in the short term)- I also agree with the other ladies about breastfeeding during take off and landing. A newborn is the perfect travel companion- see how much fun it is when your cherub is a toddler!
If possible then ask for a bassinet seat I think they are called, they are right at the front of the plane, I've been researching as we were meant to be flying to Samoa in September when bubs would have only been 3mths old.

We are now not going until December, but I am refusing to go if it means we are away over christmas. Mean I know
I have recently done two flights with my then 8.5week old daughter, and she was fine on both of them.

the first flight was about 2.5hrs, the second 3hrs. she seemed completely fine, and slept the whole way. the only time she woke was on take off, where the noise appeared to slightly stun her, but i just covered her ears. after that she just closed her eyes and went to sleep for the remainder of the flight.

i made sure i gave her a bottle about 1.5hrs before the first flight, so she didn't need a bottle for the first, then when i arrived at the next airport, i gave her another bottle, which satisfied her the entire next flight. i made sure i had more available, but all she needed was her dummy. so I'm sure your bub would be fine, they are pretty resilient little beings! but i wasn't sure how bub would go before boarding, so it is totally understandable you asking!

have fun on your holiday!


My daughter was 4 weeks with her first international flight. That is the best age to fly! She is now 2 and it's way harder when they are older. All you need is the breast and a dummy. And make sure you call and book the seat with th bassinet.

A baby bjorn and sling is handy too.

Good luck.

Ps if it's international make sure you get onto the passport stuff straight away

Mummy to Maddie and Ollie smile

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