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6 week check up Lock Rss

Its been 13 weeks and i still haven't had my 6 wk check up. I'm nervous about someone going up there! I know it probably sounds silly seeing as though i had a baby, and naturally.
I don't know why this is but i need to go how do i overcome this fear?

tash,qld,1st baby

hi Don,t be nervous they check if you are ok and baby to you will be all right i did,t go till the same to so where in Qld do you live in. go with someone to the doctor with a friend or family member you will be find ok just go and check up make a day to go then go out for a coffee or tea if you drink it or buy some thing for you to say that you did it GOOD LUCK let me know if you went to the doctors send me a Email and talk to me [email protected]

[email protected] plainland qld

Try not to think about it too much. I just had to have my six week check up, i made the appointment and just kept thinking too myself i am only going to have a chat with the doctor thats all. This helped me at least get into the doctors office, getting there is half the battle.


hi Have you gone for your 6 weeks check up let you will be all right.....

[email protected] plainland qld

Hi there

It doesn't sound silly at all. But just thought I'd let you know that when I went for my 6 wk check up, my doc didn't do an internal. He checked my BP, weight and felt my tummy to make sure my uterus had contracted ok. Also asked questions to make sure everything was going ok (ie breastfeeding was ok, no pain in tummy or 'down below'). He also talked about contraception and gave me a prescription for the mini pill. So perhaps your doctor wont even check 'down below'.

But like the other ladies said, take someone with you for support just in case.

Hope this helps
This reply is probably a bit late but will help other new mum's that feel the same as first_time_mommy.

Many of the check up's seem to all differ. Mine did a pap while I was there (it didn't hurt at all even though my stitchers had just fallen out). If I had known he would do this I probably wouldn't have gone but I'm glad he did one now.

Be brave!

My check up was how are you doing?
A pap smear was taken (my first one ever), discussion about contraception and then the doctor spent the rest of the time admiring and holding bubs. Wasn't so scary after all even the pap smear wasn't so bad.

Bett, NSW, 2 boys & Twins 19.2.08

I also had a pap smear and it was my first one ever. i was more nervous about that than the actual 6 week check. Everything went fine and i was stressing about nothing. Hope everythings going well.

Jessicas mum

Hey! I had a pap-smear at my 6-week too; to be honest if I'd have known that my doc would do that I probably wouldn't have gone (and he knew that too the smarty pants)! But it wasn't that bad and mostly the appointment was just for a chat to make sure all was going well.

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

I had a ceserean and my check up was just a chat as well. I also had a smear and wouldn't have gone if my other half hadn't of forced me. Don't feel silly about being worried as you can see many women are the same. I'm fairly inhibited with that sort of thing but I still had to be forced to go.

Baby: Jessika

Iam also a new mum with a 12 week old and i have also put off my six week i dont think iam ready to have someone poking around down there yet smile i know how u feel


Hi there, nothing to be worried about ,after my first the doc said to me that is not very plesent having a pap, i said after giving birth it's nothing.
it's for the best you need to be checked out to make sure your healing well and your body is getting back to normal.

Nat NSW mum of 3,

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