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Contraception - IUD's Lock Rss

My hubby and i are expecting our 2nd child in 4 weeks (yay!!) and we don't want any more after this one. He wants to get a vasectomy, but as he is only 27 i would prefer he wait until he is at least 30.

My doctor yesterday recommended having an IUD implanted after the baby was born, but i didn't really like the sound of it.

i have had the implanon implant in but it made me really moody and spotting every two weeks so that option is out.

I just wondered if anyone had an IUD or any stories on them, good or bad, so i can have a little more info before i make a desicion.

Hello I was looking at this option years ago as I have trouble taking the pill. What I found out was not very good. Now this was years ago so perhaps things have changed. But there was an increase chance of bleeding, cancer, infertility and ectopic pregnancy. They can move and you will need surgery to refit and some women even complained of painful sex after one had been fitted. It also increases your chance of infections. If you talked to a lot of people years ago on the IVF they would say they are unable to conceive due to and IUD they had fitted. As I said perhaps things may have changed but all that really freaked me out!! A friend of mine has the injection without any problems, if you havent tried that perhaps that may suit you. I am not telling you what you should or shouldnt do just sharing what I knew about IUD's. Good luck with what you decide.
Apparently there is a new IUD out it is called a Merina. My sister inlaw has just had it put in about 3 months ago and she loves it so far. I personally would'nt have it done and my husband said he would'nt want me to have it either but it is personal choice. Have a look into it further with you Dr or see if there is any info on the net.

Stacey, Tas, 4 boys

Hi mickeyboo

I decided to get a IUD, and so far it is fine. I had it put in at my 6wk check up. For the first week i got a sharp stabbing feeling sometimes, that was uncomfortable, but berable. I have the new IUD, the Mirena, it is put in at the DR office and it can been taken out there as well. Everybody is different, but i've had my first period and it was a lot lighter than they were b4. I havn't got any more pain. They last up to 5 years, so a good investment. I only cost me $3.70, with a health care card, so cheap, and a once of thing.
It only takes a few mins to put in, and that is uncomfortable, not painful.

That is my experience with an IUD, good luck, read as much as you can.

Melissa, Sasha 6/1/04.

WA Sasha 6/1/04

Hi melissa
I am thinking about getting the mirena put in as well. You said its not painful, just uncomfortable- but im still worried about the pain(dont know why, i have given birth!). Maybe im just a scaredy cat.....
hey guys
im going in on thursday to get my put in...hopefully all goes well....

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

what is this? can some explain?

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

I was told about Mirena from my Dr and also about Implanon and decided to go with Implanon. I didn't feel comfortable with the idea of having to check internally every two weeks to see if I could feel the two strings from the Mirena and read it can be uncomfortable for both parties during sex.

I guess we are all different though.


S Brooks, Hobart

hey shelley
ive had my mirena in for about 3 weeks now and i did spot for about 2 weeks, i can not feel it during sex and either can my hubby...ok once he flet it...
ive had to get it checked earlier this week just to check any promblems i might have ect....and now i dont have to see hikm for 5 years unless i need too.. i highly recomend it for anyone....give it ago it might not suit u as the implanon doesnt suit everyone...theres always side effect with anything u take and it effects everyone differently....
mirena is a coil that is incerted into the u dont fall pegant well redues the chances off it happening.its spose to be higher than using a last up to 5 years theres 2 types i have the one that relased the male horone into my body 1 mill i think it is...when ever i do a pregancy test it will come up possitive due to the hormones, to know im pregant i would have to have an ultra sound.......
feel free to ask any questions.!

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

i got the depo needle u need it every 3 months it stops your peroids n it is great better than the IUD

Jade(Ryleigh 24/07/2004)

The depro doesnt stop your periods for everyone, it makes some people bleed for the whole time its in effect.

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

not everything suits everyone as we are all different and i must say i have an IUD and its QUIET many people have u herd has fallen pregant on it? thats right so u cant say its not effective, for some it is and for some its not. ive had my IUD in almost for a year and i have not had any promblems, i cant remember the last time i got my period so the iud can make some people bleed alot more than other like anything u take there are side effects too... like with that 3 month injection i bet no one knew that u can die from it...on the packages it says insant death (but u dont see anyone walking out of the docs and falling down and dying, do u?) u just have to look into it and see what suits u.

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

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