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Post pregnancy BLUES so intense! Lock Rss

A week ago I had my baby daughter.. Just a quick back ground - this is my third, the last two are from a previous relationship and I have a 7 year gap. My other two children dont live with me but visit on a regular basis.

So for the last two days my emotions have been up down and everywhere.. I understand that these are my post pregnancy blues and are normal but I am worried that they wont go away and it might develop into Post Natal Depression. After my second baby I suffered from PND and found that excersise helped.. but it took me 2 years to fully recover. I was in a different situation then.. bad relationship, lots of issue's etc. But I cant help worrying about it all.

I feel very attached to my daughter, I cry if she cries and dont want anyone else to attend to her.. I dont like visitor's to nurse her and if her father cant settle her crying I quickly take her from him not giving him a chance to actually try. I know I am over reacting but I cant help feelig like this. My emotions are so intense.

Has anyone else had such intense post pregnancy blues? or had the over-protective feelings? Has anyone else been worried that their blues may turn into PND? Also how long do these emotions last? Do they settle in a few weeks?

I think I just want to know that I am not the only one that is feeling like this. Hoping to hear your stories.

Hi there. I just wanted to send you some hugs and let you know that it is absolutely normal for you to feel so attached to your daughter. Many women dont want visitors to nurse their babies - including me. My baby is 5 months old and only now am I starting to be a bit more comfortable letting people hold. I have decided for the next one I am not having visitors for at least 2 weeks and after that I'll be very selective. I used to feel sick when anyone held dd. Perhaps with the blues you should talk to a counsellor....I don't know much about it I'm sorry. Do you have a friend or family member that you can talk to? One that will support you and listen to your feelings without dismissing them. I really hope you feel better soon!
I agree - totally normal. I hated having so many visitors taking my DD off me, and giving their opinions etc. It really got to me, and I had intense baby blues for quite a while.

Once I put some distance between us and the visitors, ignored the unwanted opinions, and just enjoyed spending time with DD and DH I started to feel a lot better.

Have a chat to your GP if it keeps up though. I found mine really supportive, and had lots of helpful suggestions.
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