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After the Birth


Hair Fall After Birth Lock

My hair has started to fall off in patches since last week. Its been around 2 months since delive...

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I oiled my hair and took vitamins.


Daycare in Indianapolis Lock

Tell me a good kindergarten that is located in my city?

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If you ever need a rug cleaning service visit us.


Inspirational Quotes Lock

Looking for Inspirational Quotes, Motivational Quotes, Life Quotes, Love Quotes, Positive Quotes,...

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You can find birthday quotes at because this is best most beautiful quotes for fr...


Pets and newborn babies! Lock

I have a cat and a couple of weeks ago we set up the baby's room, with the basinette inside ...

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We also had a problem with the fact that the dog played too actively with the child and did not leave him at night, and this prevent...


Newborn baby swaddle sleeping wrap and Long sleeves cartoon overalls Lock

To the children and guardians of 2021 Buy baby girls clothes online This Content was enlivened by...

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GIF Images Lock

Looking for GIF, Happy Birthday GIF, Animated GIF, Good Morning GIF, Anime GIF, Images, you can d...

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Methods of birth control? Lock

What are the best methods of birth control after the birth of a child?

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Member607594 wrote: Girls, that is so important for me now! Thanks for the topic! It's great that you find this topic useful. ...


Tadalista 5 Mg Lock

DESCRIPTION: The Tadalista 5mg tablet active substance in this medicine is Tadalafil – this is a ...

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Buying a Cot Lock

Hello first time poster, first bub due in Feb. We have a great SIDS safe etc bassinet but while...

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Under 25's mother's groups, northern beaches/north shore Lock

hi ladies, I'm 22 and expecting my first child in August.. While I'm still wtih my partner and h...

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Hi! I was looking at forming a regular mother’s group on the Northern Beaches where young mums could bond and bounce ideas/informati...


Best sanitary pads for after baby is born? Lock

Can anybody suggest the best sanitary protection for after baby is born??? I want to feel really...

11 replies

I bought postpartum pads last year. It was a good experience, here is the best post delivery pads

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Easy make ahead freezer ready meals Lock

The first few weeks with your newborn are exhilarating but exhausting. Plan ahead with these easy...

1 reply

You should be a very good parent. The menu and the recipes are so different and tasty. I really like that you have multivitamin ingr...


Mum’s first 24 hours after birth Lock

If you are pregnant with your first baby, you might be wondering what changes may occur in your b...

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Hints for Nursing Lock

Babies eat and eat and eat. Although nature has done a pretty good job of providing you and your ...

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Self-Care for Down There After The Birth Lock

After giving birth, you're going to need to look after your nether regions. Here are some tr...

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I am 40 wks, 2 days, so due to have my baby any time soon. Over the past couple of days, I have developed some really bulgy hemorrhi...

AP Mamma

Advice Please Lock

Hi mums. Have a query: DS3 was born via emergency C section 7 weeks ago. Complications led to inf...

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Worried about my baby girl Lock

Hello everyone. How are you all doing? Hope everything is fine. I am a bit curious about my daugh...

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Hi , i hope you are well and fine.Do not need to worry.Your daughter will get well soon.I will pray for him.I want to talk about sur...


Losing weight after pregnancy??? Lock

I had my little boy 8 months ago (I had a c-section) and I find it really hard to lose weight. Be...

7 replies

There is a great news for all of you.Surrogacy company from Ukraine is held an event in UK.This is informational event.People know a...


Return to Work Question. Lock

Hi Mums Did anyones employer request a medical cert when returning back to work after having baby...

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How much weight did you lose at birth? Lock

Hi - just a quickie. Just wanting to know how much weight other Mum's have lost at birth? I had...

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Hey Jodie, I had a cesarean as well, I gained 3kg during my pregnancy and lost 17kgs in my first week home, I have since put on 4 or...


Back to work casually after birth Lock

Hi all, I'm a nurse in aged care facility. I'm wondering is it okay for my body to go b...

1 reply

Dee, your concern is genuine. According to me, I would suggest that you must not go to work until 5 weeks. Because its the time of h...


From where I have to start career of my child? Lock

I am really confused from where to start my baby career from Play school or directly nursery. Sug...

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Feeling different towards 2nd born Lock

Hi all! I dont know if any other mums went through this or im going insane! So ive just had my DS...

7 replies

Very normal. I've felt that and read a lot of stories of older people who preferred one kid slightly more than the other, even ...


Can I have my parental leave extended while already on leave? Lock

I am expecting a baby at the end of April, am just in the process of writing my leave plans/reque...

2 replies

gold you are doing right. I think this should be declared as a rule. Every organization must have a specific package for their women...


Maternity Pads, Your Recommendations? Lock

Hi, I received some maternity pad samples but I want to know what your recommendation for matern...

3 replies

hey, try to use such maternity pads that are long and thick. These pads are specially made for absorbing heavy bleeding during the f...


Postpartum Care thoughts... Lock

Hi everyone! Often as mothers, we spend a lot of time worrying about our birth and we can forge...

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Baby on the Way 2018

No visitors for 24 hours after birth Lock

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and starting to get everything ready for hospital and the birth....

5 replies

First of all congratulations! This must be the most exciting month of your entire life! The feeling of finally having your own chil...

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3 things to know about newborns Lock

1. Your baby may be a bit funny looking at first From 9 months inside, plus being pushed down th...

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I am glad you created that forum. Good place for mommies to share their odd experiences. Mine was that my baby looked so small. He w...


What challenges you faced etc? Lock

Hi there. How are you all? I recently saw a beautiful video. It was about the many responsibiliti...

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Anyone try this diet after birth and how much did you lose? Lock

Hi - just wondering... wanting to know how much weight other Mum's have lost at birth on a f...

1 reply

Hey there! I'm a fitness coach myself and I do intermittent fasting myself. I do 16/8 every day and for me it's brillian...


Purchase Real Passports,Driver’s License,ID Cards,Visas, USA Green Card, Lock

Purchase Real Passports,Driver’s License,ID Cards,Visas, USA Green Card,([email protected]) ...

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Health tips Lock

Hey everybody, Here are the few tips for you all. 1) Incorporate weight lifting. Could lifting...

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Nexplanon side effects Lock

Hello all. This may be TMI but ever since having my DS in April, I've had brown discharge ...

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what can you put on the c-section scar? Lock

it got rubbed raw in the middle 3rd, and also cause stitches have dissolved, i think nikkita popp...

12 replies

Just some canasten or Vaseline and a bit of patience will do the trick

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Your first week survival guide with a newborn Lock

First Week Survival Package You've got the essentials for baby (swaddling blankets, diapers,...

4 replies

It helped me a lot? thanks for sharing it here

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5 ways to beat the baby blues Lock

1. Identify how you're feeling. Be mindful and say to yourself, for example, "I'...

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10 questions to ask your child's pediatrician at your first newborn visit Lock

How will I know if my baby is getting enough breast milk/formula? How often should I feed my ba...

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