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Any mums here with an iugr bub?? new bubs or older Lock Rss

Good luck with your appointment - Im sure it be fine!!! And Im also glad we can help - I wish I knew about this forum when I was pregnat:-))))

Olivia will be 7 yrs old in november (god how the time has flew!) and her little brother Zack is almost 3 months.

Both names you have chosen are pretty! I guess its your call

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you both. I have had a busy few days, finished work on Thursday, had another scan and now trying to get all those last monute things done so I am prepared, but are you ever ready or prepared? hahaha.

OK, my scan last Thursday was a positive one, the baby has now put on weight and is now weighing 2.1kgs and they are saying she is symmetrical, so basically she is healthy but small.
My Dr said I definitley will not go the full 40 wks, and again this Thursday will have another scan to see the growth and then he said he may induce me next Monday the 17th!!! I will be 37.5wks by then.

So fingers crossed our bub puts on some more weight this week. I will let you know how the next scan goes.

You both sound like great mums and you children all sound very healthy and happy - and that is so important isnt it. I must say this forum is great and I will make sure that any other first time mums are aware of it, as it is so comforting to chat to you both and others on and issues, or common questions, sometimes the books are a little bit to text book and good old home experiences are the best.

Chat soon smile
HI there

Thats great news im glad all is going well. If bub is 2.1kg now she may just get to 2.5kg and anything over that is considered out of the low birthweight range! Hopefully she has a big week of gains!

Monday is getting close!! Hopefully the doctor follows through and induces you it would be annoying if you are all ready to go then he puts it off!

Good luck I hope to hear more news soon!


Hope the scan went well yesterday:-)...and Monday is the big day:-))))))))) Yes I also hope you go in on monday and get induced and don't get send home - nothing worse than being a ping pong ball - going in, going out etc.

Im glad your little girl has put on weight and being 37.5 wks thats a great sign. If shes over 2.5kg she will be considered normal birth weight and you will be able to take her home when you get out of hospital. So fingers crossed!!!!
Our dd was born iugr (but htey called it intra uterine growth retardation!! _ Charming!)
She was born 2.38 kilos at 38 weeks, they were going to induce me as scans were showing very little growth, but went into labour the night b4 i was going to be induced smile.
She was alos perfectly healthy (just had slightly low blood sugars), but other than that was good... just very tiny, and hadn't filled into her skin.
She is doing well, (she doesn't have a big appetite though), but she is now just over 4 months & hasn't been weighed for a wee while but I think at 3 months she had doubled her birth weight. But everyone still comments on how Tiny she is.
I don;t think they had an explanation for why she was little, lathough I was quite active during my pregnancy & was excercising, so I don;t know if that had something to do with it, although her 2 older brothers were born 3 weks early and just under 7 pound & i was just as active with them, so who knows.
Good luck with your wee girl.
Ok ladies, the latest is this:

My last scan last Thursday was good, baby now weighing 2.3kg and my Dr has let me go another week before he induces me.

So I am now looking at being induced this friday the 21st Sep, I will be 38 weeks and hopefully baby will be 2.5kg, fingers crossed.

Will keep you all posted - thankyou all for your support smile
Thats great, Im glad things are going well. 2.3kg is a good size she is bigger than my boy who was 2.1 at 37 weeks! Im thinking that my other boy was also slightly iugr, he was 2.8kg born at 40 weeks. I suppose they never investiagted at he was over 2.5kg. Good luck hopefully bub will be here soon!!

Hi all,

I finally had ur little girl Madison Ellen on the 21st Sep via emergency C-section, Madisons heart beat dropped with each contraction so it was a C-section and no other option, althou it wasnt that bad and now we are home and trying to survive the sleepless nights. madi was very little only 2014KGs born but now piling on the weight she now weighs 2.5kgs so we are very happy I am BF and topping up with formula as she needs as much as she can get, but I am on Nan Ha which is what they had her on in the hospital but she seems to feed for 2hrs until she falls asleep and only sleeps at the max 3 hrs between feeds, does anyone know if I can change formula for the night feeds and hopefully this make extend the time she wakes after feeds?
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Told ya you were stressing for nothing:-)))
Yes you can swap formulas but best discuss this with you H/nurse as to which one. My little girl was on S26 gold and thats what Im using now for my little boy for the days Im not here to feed (have truble expressing).

Feeding for two hours doesn't sound right - it seems to me like Madison (nice name by the way) is using this as a security and isn't really hungry. Have a read on your formula chart to see how often you should be feeding her - mine says "2 weeks - 2 month old" - 120ml 6 feeds per day average intake per feed 120ml. So this should give you an idea whether you are overfeeding or not.

Anyways Good luck and congrats again - let me know how you are going.

Congratulations. Im so happy everything went well for you.

Just because she is little now doesnt mean she always will be. Kade was 2.1 kg (almost the same as Madison) he is now about 6.5kg, has tripled his birthweight in only 4 months! They can catch up fast!!

Good luck with the feeding. Keep us posted on her growth as we are all interested and have been through the same situation.


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