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Any mums here with an iugr bub?? new bubs or older Lock Rss

Well my darling little girl was born at 35 weeks but due to iugr (intrauterine growth restriction) she was 4 weeks behind on her growth she weighed 1.7k- 3 pound 7
other than her weight she has had no promblems at all and she is now 9 weeks old and is 3.5kilo so she has doubled her birth weight, i was just wanting to hear from other mums who have been through and how ur childs development was! hope to hear from someone soon:)

Hi my boy who is now 21 months was delivered by c-section at 32.4 weeks due to severe IUGR weighing 1085gms (2lb 6oz). He was also born with a congenital abonormality (corrected by surgery) that did not contribute to the IUGR. He is still little now and weighs only 8.6kg, he is doing every thing he should developmentally he is just tiny.



My little girl was born at 36 w/s at 1.64kg. My placenta faild to feed her so it was doctors choice to get her out early. She was tiny!!! There was no other problems with her. She is almost 6 years old now and at the start you could always notice how little she was compared to other children her age but by time she slowly catching up tho she's still tiny! only 16kg.
Her head, hight and weight are all to propotion.
Sounds like your little girl is putting her weight much faster then my did so I recon couple of months you wont even notice:-)
Hi there

My boy Kade was also very small for his age. He was 2.1kg born at 37 weeks, he was also about 4 weeks behind in growth. My placenta was failing but it wasn't picked up till it was almost too late. I was measuring normal for 37 weeks but his movements decreased all of a sudden so he was born.

As the placenta had failed he was deprived of oxygen and had breathing problems for 1 week. At 7 weeks he was dignosed with hearing loss but this has been the only effect of the condition. He is now 12 weeks old and developing normally just a little small but catching up, at 11 weeks he weighed 4.7kg. He is going to roll over soon too, he is trying hard!

Were any of you given a reason as to why this happened? Im just curious as I havent and its so frustrating that the iugr wasn't picked up earlier.


My iugr was picked up at about 28 w/s, and then it was ultrasound pretty much every week:-( On one hand I was greatfull that it was detected early but on the other hand it had me stressing from then onwards.

No I wasn't given a reason as to why, only that my placenta failed. I have attended the royal childrens hospital to see some specialists ( as my little girl is still small for her age of 6yrs old)but really I just feel like they just want to put her in some "disorder" group for the sake of grouping her!She doesn't have any other problems exept wears glasses for a lazy eye - but wether that has anything to do with her birth weight only god knows!
I have now given up on the specialists and aceppted that she is one of those lucky small boned girls that can eat what ever when ever she wants and still be tiny! Shes a happy little girl and thats all that matters:-)
Hi Gollygosh,

Great to hear your little girl is now doing well.

I am 35.5 weeks pregnant and last week had a scan for suspected IUGR and they have confirmed that my baby has IUGR, the head and thigh bone are normal but the abdomin is smaller about 32 weeks in weight. The weight is about 1.9kg 4lb. I was also told my placenta is not giving the baby the room it needs to grow to put on weight, I now have to be monitored each week with a biophysical scan to determine wether the baby is better off staying inside me or being born to grow, I am pretty scared as each week, seems like months and I wait for each movement which are frequent and strong. Did you panic and do you know if the risks are high for still born babies with IUGR?
PS, they said the baby is in the 30th percentile??

My bub was the same. His head & length was in the normal range for a full term baby however he just had no fat on him. He was skin and bone! He is a chubber now!

It is good that they have picked up the iugr and you are being monitored and you are doing the right thing by watching out for every movement. As long as bub is moving ok he/she should be happy in there. Even though your bub is little just remember that it isnt long till he/she will be here and they can catch up so fast once they are feeding well.

Try not to stress too much and if you are worried it wont hurt to pop into the hospital or docs to be checked out or monitored. If it keeps your mind at ease then well worth the trip. 30th percentile is how they compare bubs growth to the average size. Meaning if you have a big bub then it could be closer to the 90th percentile. Smaller bubs are in the lower, 30 isnt too bad, my bub wasnt even on the charts for a bit now he is in the 30th.

I hope you keep posting here and keep us updated with bubs progress! Good Luck!

Thankyou Brokad,

It is so nice to hear from other mums who have been there and can give some personal advice.

I keep focussing on the next few weeks and know that the end is near and I can hold my little bub, just want it to be healthy as all mums pray for smile

Good to hear your little bub caught up and is now a little chubby, bubby.

Can I ask did they induce your early and did they monitor you every week?

I will post every week, after my scans - thankyou for caring smile
No worries, it's nice to be able to help.

Hopefully the time flies for you. I know there is nothing worse than anticipating every singe movement but thats your best indication that bubs is ok.

I was checked at 37 weeks and told them that I felt the baby's movements were decreasing. They (the student!)measured me and put the heart doppler on, everything was normal so they sent me home. A few days later the movements completely stopped so I went into hospital to be monitored. The monitors showed he wasn't happy so I went straight in for a c-section. They didn't know about the iugr till he was born. I must have had a lot of fluid or something if I measured normal!

Im sure everything will be ok for you, you only have a few weeks to go and even though it is supposed to be small he/she isn't as small as the bubs I saw in NICU! The smallest was a 22 weeker and doing well!!

Also if I have another bub will be monitored weekly from 32 weeks so if it happens again it will be picked up this time.

Hello MP13A0

I so agree with brokad great advice:-)
I did panic especialy that I foud out at 28 weeks so it was a very long wait but looking back at it now I shouldn't have! The doctors know what they were doing being monitored only ment that I could see my baby every week on a monitor - not every mother has that!
Dont stress over stillborn - they are very tuf little cookies and if your movements are strong and frequent its a very good sign! and if doctors see a slight and I mean "slight" change in condition you be booked in to have your baby straight away!
Good luck and please keep us posted!
PS do you know if you are having boy or girl?
You guys are so lovely, and as my husband says, I am a stresser so talking to you both is very re assuring.

I am going for my Bio physical tomorrow morning, so I will let you know how that goes, I must admit though my baby was moving around all night and very strong movements too, which I know is good.

By the way we are having a little girl, so I am very happy about that, not sure on the name yet, we have either Madison or Charlotte.

How old are your bubs now?
Good luck with your appointment, sounds like she is happy in there!

Im glad we can help, thats the good thing about these forums there is always going to be someone who has 'been there, done that'.

Kade is 3 months old now, has gained 3 kilos in 3 months which is huge considering he was only 2.1kg born.

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