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Circumcision in Melbourne's NE- recommendations? Lock Rss

Hi all
Our first boy is due 22 June, and we are probably going to have him circumcised for cultural reasons. But we're new to Melbourne, and don't know where to go. I've spoken to our gp, but they put us onto someone who is retiring and can't take any more bookings.

I know there is a Dr Steinberg in Fitzroy ($400), and a Dr Goldman ($250) in Hampton Park who have both been recommended by Mercy Women's Hospital in Heidelberg. There are also some Surgeons at the Children's Hospital who do it ($550) but who have a looooong waiting list.
I'd like to know if there are any other drs who do circumcisions situated in/around Templestowe/Doncaster East area who are recommended (and a reasonable price if possible!)? We don't want to have to travel far after the procedure if we can avoid it!
There is one in Ringwood, and apparently he is one of the best in Melbourne. Here are the details...

Circumwise Pty Ltd
Dr Manish Agaskar

Circumcision Australia
Circumcision Information and Research Centre


Address : 31 Wantirna Road
RINGWOOD Victoria 3134

Phone : (03) 9876 8989

Our little boy was done by Dr Goldman at Hampton Park when he was a week old. He is absolutely brilliant and I've since recommended him to others. You can check out his website at

Should add, it took about 2 minutes to do the circumcision, then Reid was straight back to me and on the breast feeding, totally calm etc.

[Edited on 17/05/2007]

Mum to Reid, 8/04/07

We had our little boy circumcised by Dr Goldman in Hampton Park and he was absolutely fantastic, our little boy was 8 weeks then and is now 6 months and have had no problems!
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