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Our son was born with a congenital condition known as hidden penis also known as a buried or concealed penis. None of the medical staff, neither the midwives nor the peadeatrician mentioned it to us in the hospital, even though they had noticed it. During a routine visit from the Peadeatrician on day 4, I mentioned it looked odd. He said it was nothing to be concerned about and would naturally 'pop out' anytime in the next few weeks, months or years. Usually occurring from about 4 to 8 years of age. He said to be sure not to circumcise him as this could 'leave him short of needed skin'.

While his penis is normal in shape and size and functions well when weeing, it is almost always obscured from view by the scrotum which the PD also referred to as a 'shawl scrotum'. Every now and then when we change his nappy he wees and his penis emerges.

Apparently there is a simple operation to correct the problem. Our concern as parents is that if we leave it too long, he could become aware of it and develop a complex. But, if we act too fast we might interfere unnecessarily.

Has anyone else heard of this problem and have some information or know where we can see a specialist?

Lucky Mummy to 2 beautiful children

Hi, Congratulations on the birth of your little boy.

Sorry I don't know much about this, but a lady who used to work with me had a son a few years ago who had something similar. They put him in for an operation to correct it b4 he was 6months old.

I hope it pops out soon for you and you wont have to worry about seeing specialists etc. Good luck with it all.
A suggestion may be for you to consider seeing a paediatric urologist to review your baby boy. Not all need surgery depending on the severity of the issue but by having a review by a specialist in the next few months may help give your and your husband clarity on the best treatment plan specifically for your son.
Enjoy your lovely new son.

Mum to two boys (born March 07 & December 08)

Thanks Bindy, as it happens we've been to see a paediatric urologist who has said it's best to operate before 1 year of age for various reasons. We'll see him again in 9 months time for a review. By the way, several posts on this thread have disappeared since the Forum was revamped. Any worried parents with a baby with the same condition are welcome to contact me for more info through this post.

Lucky Mummy to 2 beautiful children

HI Bellagata,
Wow this thread is very old ! But I joined this forum just to ask you about your experiences with corrective surgery on your baby. My relatively newborn has the same condition and I'm trying to get all the information I can at this stage. If you could contact me that would be amazing, else I'll keep an eye on this thread just in case. Thank You.
Hi Bellagata and M4atty,
Just wondering how your bubs are after the surgery for correcting a buried penis.
My 7mo is due for surgery next Monday and am trying to find as much info as possible.
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