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Hi girls, my little one is 6 weeks old and is bottle fed. He was weighed and measured today and he is 5.1kgs and 56cms.
Is this big?? He doesnt look big to me and ive asked a few people what they thought and they say the same thing, so did the doctor today.
He's in 000 and can fit in some 0000 but also some 00.
Was just wondering what your baby was/is near this age? thanks smile
hi denae, you think your baby is big!!! my bub was 10 pound 7 (4.878kgs) when born and at 6 weeks weighed 12.9 pounds (5.860kgs) and was 58 cms long. she is now 13 weeks old and is just under 7 kgs and over 60 cms long!! she is chubby but she is beautiful. and she is also bottle fed. she now drinks about 150 mls every 3 hours. but you have to remember every bub is different. smile
My baby was born 2kgs 990grams. I have fed her formula since birth.
At 2 months old she was 5.250kgs and now at 3 months old she is 6.850kgs and 60.5cm long.
I think that is normal,dont worry sounds Very healthy...your doing good!!!!

Jessica,NSW,10 1/2 month old baby

ahhh thats not one is 8 weeks old, at birth weighed 4.3kg and now weighs 6.1kg and 57cm.

I think all baby's are different, so I wouldnt worry about it.
Hi Denae - My baby girl is 6wks old and just over 4kgs and 55cm long - i am just starting her in 000 clothes as the 0000 are too short. Bella is skinny but long.
I dont think that he is big - i would much rather know that my baby is getting enough milk than stressing about how little weight they are putting on (i constantly think - is bella putting on enough weight as she is breastfed i cant tell )
Dont stress about it - he sounds healthy for his age and being a boy.

Beth, VIC, Bella born 21/07/06

Liam was just over 5 kilos at 5 weeks and about 56 cm long, actually the same as yours denae lol


Liam Evan, 2

As a mother who has only produced little babies( joked to my Ob that the third one was going to be a monster and nearly hit 8 pounds- he just laughed at me) love your gorgeous babies and tell people they are thriving.
My babies have never been long or huge but then my husband's family are all very small Irish people ( call my kids leprechauns) but I do feel proud when my babies get fat.
I do understand your concern at times- my brother, a rare tall person in the family, has a baby boy with his partner(her brother is 6foot 6)who is showing all indications of being HUGE(was nearly a 10 pounder). He has been heavier than my son since he was 12 months old and my son is a year older than him, 10cm taller yet lighter!
My nephew is gorgeous, he has always been chubby and will grow up to be a big lad- the only thing that frightens my brother is the cost of feeding him as he eats everything and always looks for more.
Big is beautiful as far as babies are concerned.


Hi, my little girl is 7weeks old and is breast fed.She weighs 4.9kgs and 58cms long.
Both my partner and i are tall and i was told through out my pregnancy that my baby would be long. So don't worry! It's just part of there genetics.


hi i dont think your bub is big my lil girl was born 9pd 3oz and is 4 weeks old and now weighs 4740g n 54cm

claires going to be a big sister in oct

I don't think that is big at all, and from all the replies you can easily see babies come in all shapes and sizes. At 5 weeks old my little man weighs in at 5kg and 56cm and he doesn't look over big either. He never looked over big at birth either and he weighed in at 10 pound 3 (4.61kg).He is fullyb/feed, happy and very content. People will always comment on your babies size but the most important thing is that they are healthy.
My baby boy was born 9lb 3oz and 57cm long. He is now 14 weeks old and weighs 8.75kgs and is 67cm long. He never fit into 0000 and was in 00 by the time he was 6 weeks old. He is a beautiful healthy baby boy. Big babies are beautiful!

Rachel, NSW, Teddy born 19/07/2006

My 6wk old is 7.1kgs & 60cm. He was 3wks early and weighed 4kgs 51cm at birth. The nurse thought I was over feeding, but hes bf 6/8 times a day so it wasnt me. Its just genetics.
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