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Possible shingles contact HELP ASAP PLEASE Lock Rss

Today I received a call from my mum letting me know that she has shingles. As little as 5 days ago my mum was around my 3 month old son. At the time she didn't have blisters so technically not contagious but being that my son is so young I'm unsure if he could've contracted chicken pox, now the thing is I'm unsure what to do we have swimming class tomorrow and parents group and I don't want to accidentally infect any other bubs by going but he's not showing any symptoms. What do I do HELP ASAP PLEASE
I would just keep an eye on him, keep checking his skin to make sure it all looks fine.
Chances are he hasn't caught anything if it was in the early stages.
Just to be on the safe side I wouldn't go to swim class, just in case. You need to protect not only your baby, but other babys from catching anything off yours.
I wouldn't worry too much though, he most likely hasn't caught anything. Just keep an eye on him.
If you get worried or notice any changes in him or his skin go to the doctors or the hospital strait away.
I'm sure he will be fine, but don't go swimming with him, just in case.

A newborn or a person with a weakened immune system has the highest risk of catching the varicella-zoster virus from a person with shingles rather than from one with chicken pox. However, the virus spreads when you are in contact with the blisters associated with this viral infection. Shingles is a contagious disease during the phase when patient develops blisters till the formation of crusts/scabs. Just keep watch on your DS. Avoid going in public for a day or two; it's not worth the risk to little guys!
P.S: I actually read that chickenpox under one is actually good because they usually don't scratch them so badly.
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