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4 week old seems distressed while trying to poo and push wind out.. Help! Lock Rss

My 4 week old seems very distressed while trying to poo and fart, I hate seeing him in pain, I've tried massaging his tummy clockwise, and rocking his legs in a circle motion and it doesn't seem to do anything so I just pick him up and cuddle him! He eventually settles down but it's stressing me out watching him go through this, does anyone have any more advice on how I might be able to help him, he is bottle fed on NAN pro gold, I've thought about changing his formula but was advised against it by midwive, so I'm at a loss n just don't know what else to do, will it pass? Is it just a stage he's going thru with being a new bub n all? Any advice or your thoughts would be appreciated! Has this happened to anyone else's baby?

The gold formulas have extra iron and that is usually the problem with constipation. You could try adding and extra 10-20mls of water per bottle as the extra fluid can help. You could also try the Nan but not gold. Each baby is different. If he has not been for a few days and is in pain you can add two teaspoons of sugar to his bottle and that will help he go. It's not pretty when they do go but it works. A great trick I was told by my pead. You can't use it all the time for obvious reason.

Good luck I hope you get it sorted. Not nice seeing them in pain.

Thanks for your reply, I will try the NAN original and see how it goes, I don't know why they have gold and normal they should just have the one lol
It makes it difficult to decide what's best for bub and kind of confusing! Do you know what is the difference between the 2?

The below is off the Nan website. They have a different probiotic. You could always give their hotline a call and see what they have to say. But I'm sure that the gold also has extra iron. The other one in the Nan range is comfort. I did a lot of research before my DD was born and I found pages set out by the government with guidelines about baby formula. The conclusion was that they are all really the same just different amounts of probiotics etc. They were all equal. It's really up to each baby what works for them.

NAN Pro 1 Gold – 800g

NAN Pro 1 Gold is a premium starter infant formula, that is nutritionally complete and helps to support your infant's immune and digestive systems. NAN Pro 1 Gold contains Bifidus BL, a beneficial (probiotic) bacteria for healthy infants from birth.

NAN Comfort 1 – 800g

NAN Comfort 1 is a whey dominant starter infant formula that is nutritionally complete and helps support your infant's digestive system. NAN Comfort 1 contains L. reuteri, a beneficial (probiotic) bacteria for healthy infants from birth.

Thanks for your help smile I might try the nan comfort n see how he goes. x

Hi just thought id recommend Nan Comfort 1 also, we had good experience with that one. It's at Coles & chemist warehouse.
Failing that I remember my bub went through a really windy & unsettled stage especially around 5am each day for some random reason. I tried gripe water, Infants Friend etc. He ended up growing out of it by about 8 weeks. Good luck. It will get better.
If you have no luck changing formula then try 'Infants Friend' from your chemist. You add it to bottles in each feed and it helps push out wind and settle babies. It also assists with constipation if used moderately. I used it from when my DD was only tiny for about 6 months and it worked a treat!
Thankyou everyone, it's nice to have advice from other mums and nice to know help is there If you need it!
I've kept him on the same formula as my midwive has ensured me he will just get over it with time, she says nan pro gold is premium formula and is one of the best (in her opinion) and says he will only get worse if i change it coz it will take him another 2-3 weeks to get used to the new one, so I've stuck it out and he seems to be getting a little better with wind, he has only just turned one month so I'm going to try infacol wind drops and see if they help him more so. Thankyou for your replies smile

my little one suffered the same issue as well as bad reflux. constipation was a great issue at the start and my midwife recommended a teaspoon of brown sugar in around 20mls of warm water to get his bowels working. This really helped and even though the wind was still an issue he was alot more comfortable. I gave my little one infacol drops and it works a treat. They do get better as they bet older he is 7.5 months and wind isnt so much a problem any more. good luck and i hope this helps a little smile
I have started him on infacol wind drops and it seems to be working, before he would only sleep for 15-20 minutes without stirring and being uncomfortable, now he just lets them rip in his sleep and it doesn't seem to bother him! I'm actually amazed that the drops seem to work so well! As for the constipation he's better now, I guess it just took him a little while to get used to the formula as he was breastfed for the first week of his life. All in all it's worked out pretty good smile thanks for all your replies ladies smile

Are you sure he doesn't have cramps? Try warming his tummy and see if that helps.
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