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Recommendation for Hypospadias Surgeons in Sydney??? Lock Rss

Naitik, can I ask who you ended up going with?
Hi Naitik,

Could I please ask you which doctor in Sydney did your child get surgery from? My DS also has severe hypospadias, it would be great to know your recommendations.

Hi Ashah,

Although we did a lot of research and were preferring to go to a doctor in Sydney but we went for another Doctor in India ...who is a vey highly regarded specialist and has dedicated his life for treating Hypospadias . The other doctors in Sydney were saying 2-3 surgeries were needed but he corrected it in 1 surgery which happened in December 2014 and by God's grace our son is absolutely fine now.
I completely understand your situation and can relate to it. But don't worry as the doctor we went did a great job is highly experienced in this field and has corrected very severe cases. Please find more about on

Please feel free to call me on 0404153416. I would be happy to help!

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