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I have a three week old boy (Caiden) I am breastfeeding and have been watching what I eat and cannot put my finger on anything that would have triggered the pimples ( appearing on his chin and both cheeks). We have had some hot weather so I am really unsure what could be the other causes???

Am I best to treat with a warm wet washer to clean his face a couple of times a day. We are using baby soap when bathing him but do not use that on his face, only water.

It looks terrible and would love to clear it up any suggestions would be appreciated

I have the same issue. My boy Ayden is 2weeks and on the bottle. He has a pimply rash on his forehead and a little bit on his cheeks. I am also unsure if it is the hot weather, as it flares up when really hot.

I am also wanting to treat this as it looks painful.. and he has his baby photo shoot on Tuesday.

I too would appreciate any suggestions.
This is absolutely nothing to worry about these are commonly reffered to as milk spots and acne but are nethier really.The proper names for them are hormonal spots or septic spots (depending on how bad they are, my son had them too. They have nothing to do with milk or what bubs is eat, or the weather (although the weather can eritate it).

This is from my plunket book:
Hormone spots:
Most babies get them anywhere upto 6 weeks old and they can take a thew weeks to go away.
They are caused by your baby's hormone levels settling down after high hormone levels from mum before birth.
The spots can look worse when your baby is hot or has been crying.
No treatment or creams are needed.
They are best left alone as they do not scar or become infected.
If squeezed they can become infected.
If they become crusty and look infected (the skin around them is red) see your midwife or Docter.

Septic Spots:
These are white or yellow pus-filled spots that look like small blisters.
The skin around them is often red and may be weepy.
They can occur around the nappy area or neck, arm or leg creases.
Antibiotics may be needed to clear the infection and stop it spreading.
Discuss any concerns with your midwife, plunket nurse, other well child health provider or Docter.

I hope that helps, So its not something to worry about and the best thing can do is just let them ran its course.
Agree with everything BlaBla has said... there's nothing you can do to get rid of them, they will go in their own time.
I don't know if it is a boy thing as my daughter didn't get them but my son had it quite bad.
Like you it was just as you wanted to take photos to send out to the relatives,so it didn't look too good.
We didn't use any baby products that had fragrants in them and used "Q.V." moistursing cream, that seemed to help.

Don't listen to people that say that it is because of what you are eating and that it is what is going through your breast milk as it is just an old wives tale.
It will clear up with time.

Best of luck
My son & daughter had these little pumps in the first few weeks - just leave them (ie. don't try to squeeze them or apply any adult type remedies) and Caiden's little face will clear up before you know it.
Hello, my name is Jonathan and I am a physician from Brussels. Baby acne is certainly nothing to worry about. In fact, it's pretty normal. Just leave the bumps as they are and they will go away all by themselves. In this article you will find everything about the causes of baby acne: Good luck!
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