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Hi all new parents,
I have also started this topic under General Baby Topics in General Discussion, but I thought I would try and catch people here too......
My DD who is nearly 17 months was diagnosed at birth with severe-profound hearing loss (deaf) and at the time on this forum, I couldnt find a discussion about this, so I thought I would put it out there that if anyone needed some support in this area.
Sophie had hearing aids at 6 weeks and implanted with a Cochlear Implant at 8 months and we have been doing auditory verbal therapy from 6 weeks too. We have chosen not to sign. She recently tested above average in speech and language against hearing kids!!
So if anyone wants to vent, ask questions, (have a cry about how unfair it is!!!) I hope this avenue might help.


Hi Shannon

Our dd is 6 weeks old and it was discovered at 2 weeks she did not pass her hearing test. We were referred to paediatric audiologists. First test was unsuccessful as dd was too unsettled. Retest booked now for Feb. In your experience is a delay at this point going to affect her development?
Also what did you find helpful information wise?

Hi Rachel

There are a few Facebook groups that can help, and some parts of NZ have their own groups for local deaf kids. Where in NZ are you?

My girl, now almost 4, was confirmed deaf at 9 weeks after failing newborn screening a few times. She had CI surgery at 6 months and was switched on a week later. 6 ish months age is what they usually aim for all going well. The audioverbal therapy you'll receive following surgery helps you help your bubba catch up. So many factors will affect how well they'll do.

Back to your original question or I'll head off on a tangent ???? 6 months without hearing can be recovered with some enthusiasm and energy from you, using skills from your therapist. My girl took well to the CIs and was soon doing better than hearing kids the same age, and still is. It's a hard road to begin with but life is pretty much the same for her as it is her hearing siblings. Wish I knew that when I was in your current position!!

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