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Windburn - help needed Lock Rss

Hi there,

Have been home from an NRL football match (watching in the shade from the stadium) and after feeding my son's face has become really red (he is 3 1/2 wks old) - and looks burnt. I can only assume that it is windburn as he was in the shade (on my lap).

I have been trying to find out what to put on him, especially as I the GP practice is closed until Tuesday. He is not upset, so I hope that means he is not in pain. I have put some QV cream on his face and plan to try some cold cloths for 5 mins at a time.

I would appreciate anything that has worked well for anyone else, or advice from someone who has talked to a Dr about this.

As you can imagine I feel terrible that I have let this happen!

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Jackie, don't feel bad, I always use cold cucumbers straight fromt he fridge. If Bubs isn't upset then it probably isn't hurting him. Any cream that you use like the QV, store it in the fridge so it is cool. Is his face hot to touch? If so then it is probably windburn, but keep an eye on it and if it starts to spread then call the health direct line if you have one in your state. But don't forget to look at the whole picture, is Bubs feeding per normal, not upset, settling normal if so don't worry. Then see the GP tomorrow if it is still there. Let us know. Naomi
Hey my daughter had wingburn couple of weeks ago it didnt bother her tilll the end were it started to dry the skin & get itchy when i found out it was wind burn ( that night) i used moisturiser cream twice a day after watchin face so the skin is soft & it will obsorbe easily hope it works


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