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My 7 week old daughter is suffering from bad newborn acne. Her face/neck and head are covered with hundreds of small red pimples and some days they really flare up and her whole face is red. It really doesn't look pleasant.
The doctor has recommended a steroid cream which I used last week and after a couple of days the condition improved, however when I stopped using the cream (not recommended to use more than a couple of days) the pimples came back again and today they are worse than ever.

Has anyone else had this with their bub and any tips on how to treat it?
hey there.. my wee boy is five weeks and has had super bad acne too.. we got some aqueous cream from the doc and they are definitely improving..
good luck
all my kids have had this and my 6 week old is no diff take a careful look at what u r eating if u r breastfeeding. everything u eat today is in ur milk tomorrow and there r certain foods that their bodies need time to adjust too like garlic choc onion cabbage those types of foods. my little girl is getting better but has had this rash for 2 weeks now i am not worried all i do is make sure i wash her head well and then carefully wipe baby oil all over her face head and neck. i did this with all the others too and it helps to keep the skin moist so as not to turn into something else.

hope this helps
Hi, My little boy is one month and he had really bad pimples all over his face and he is actually bottlefeed and breastfeed and the formula that I was using was actually causing his pimples and somedays his face look swollen and very sore and since I have change the formula he is alot better and happier.

And I also watch what I eat as well

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

2 out of my 3 kids have had this hormone rash... not nice. I treated it by bathing it in expressed breast milk if it looked really red and inflamed, or with cool chamomile tea. I think that it helped with the redness, but ultimately I couldn't get rid of it and it was just a matter or waiting it out.

The girls both had it for about 3 weeks, they looked hideous at the time lol... (always seemed to happen when we had a wedding or something to take them to!) but as soon as it cleared up there was no evidence of the pimples ever being there.

My boy had his 6wk check and immunisations today. He also has had a bad hormone/milk rash and has been really bad in the heat the last few days so the Dr suggested using Hydrozol (steriod cream) for a couple of days then have a break and just use acqueos or sorbolene cream and then go back to Hydrozol again. I also bath him in sorbolene cream as well, I don't use anything with perfumes etc that alot of the baby washes have in them. My DD had this on and off for about 3 months but eventually it went away.
My ds is now 18 months and he had babby acne pretty severe too. But I was told to leave them alone and it will go away. they cleared up after a couple of weeks and even now he gets the odd pimple or two

My daughter who is 5 weeks tomorrow has something like that. They are red and look like little pimples. I thought it was a rash, i bottefeed as well and this heat is not helping. My mother in law who is a nurse told me it was just a heat rash and it will go away. Just dont go wrapping them alot in the heat or it will get worse.
My six week old daughter also has this, it started on her forehead, but has now moved down to her cheeks. Her forehead has now cleared up, I was putting baby oil on it, but read that if you just keep it clean with regular washing, the oil sometimes makes it worse. i think hers is from heat too, she tends to get hot rather quickly when wrapped. Hope it clears up soon!
Baby acne may be present at birth. In most cases, however, it will develop within two to four weeks after birth. It may last for a few days or a few weeks, though some cases may stick around for several months.
Hi everyone!
I am a pharmacist and my baby also had this horrible rash. over the course of a week, it got so bad that on friday her face and scalp and neck were 100% covered in an inflammed red rash (with one eye almost closed!). I took her to the doc and she said it was eczema on top of the hormone rash. She prescribed aqueous cream and steroid cream. I did NOT use these. they have their place but I wanted to not use steroid cream on her face. instead i used PHYSIOGEL CALMING CREAM and by monday her face was 98% better!!!! grin
Yes, usually this rash will go away on its own, but I was pretty impressed by this cream. Use it on any sensitive irritated skin since. and also recommend it for adults and kids for any itching or reddened skin smile
There are a number of creams you can get from your local pharmacy for these ailments that are way better alternatives than steroid creams (which do have their place but I wouldnt recommend it on a babies face).
Hope I've helped!
PS, heat and oils will probably make it worse. esp baby (mineral) oil.
Wow, you definitely need to get back to the doctor re this. Doesn't make sense if the creme stops working after use.
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