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Is is ok to take my 3 week old baby into a hospital with swin flu around? Lock Rss

Hi everyone my grandmother is in the brisbane mater hospital and not doing to good and might not make it. I really want to go to see her before she passes away. But i am not sure if i should because of swin flu as i have a 3 week old baby and not sure if i should take her into the hospital? What does everyone else think? Is it ok to take her to the hospital or not? Or should i just go without her and let her dad look after her for the day?


Thats a tough one, personally I would just go myself and leave bubs at home and wear a mask when there. Print off a picture for your grandmother to see,or if you have a video camera take some footage to show her. I know its not the same thing but im sure she would understand. Good luck
I work in a hospital & the swine flu is really no worse than any other flu, it' just the media have blown it out. There is no harm in taking your bubby to the hospital if you want to, especially if you'd like your grandma to see her before she goes. Just keep bubby in her pram, or in your arms, don't pass her round & wash your hands before & after visiting. Handwashing is the most effective way of stopping the spread of disease. If you want to take her, then do it. Don't let fear stop you - I can't see any issue with it. Besides, I'm not sure there's any more chance of catching it in hospital, than there is in the shopping centre!!

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