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prunes and constipation Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
My 8 week old baby boy was always constipated. The nurse at the clinic told me to boil 4 or 5 prunes and than give him the juice. If anyone needs the exact recipe, let me know.
Also i have been reading other letters about reflux and colic...which he also has. I will now be trying marina infant mixture as suggested, but any ideas where i can buy this...excluding the internet?

Sam, NSW, mother of 4

PS...the prunes really really work. Thank God for them.

Sam, NSW, mother of 4

Hi there,

I have four children and the first three have all had bowel problems. I actually syringe 5ml of straight prune juice into them and it really cleaned them out. I also add a teaspoon of brown sugar to every bottle until they are passing soft, then give the sugar a break for a few days and generally they come good. My first child had reflux not the vomity type just the burning on the inside. I tried infant gaviscon this worked ok but i then put her on reflux formula and she was much happier. I think you can get marina from any well known chemist. I have tried it on the children but it was abit strong tasting and they wouldnt swallow. A friend of mine used it and thought it was great it worked for her baby.


Ceri mother of 4

Can i pls get the recipe for the prune juice. Thank you...


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