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Circumcision Lock Rss

Just wanting to know peoples views on this. Has anyone cicumsised their little boy - what were the effects, why did you do it?

We didnt do our litle boy but my brother and his wife had their 4 week old done yesterday. It looks sore, swollen and red. They said it doesnt seem to be bothering him today but it was yesterday. They put some rubber band type thing on it and the skin eventually falls off. I couldnt stand to put my little fella through the pain but this doesnt seem to bad. I think the main reason they did it was because his dad is.
i didnt get my little man done either for the same reason... the pain. his dad and grandad are both done but i didnt want to continue obviously the family trend. LOL! i guess its just a personal preference. and from talking to other people its not as popular as it used to be.

***haydens mum***

hi ther.i agree with wot kroons said.we had ds done at 4wks he is now effects really it woz easy to look after while it woz healing.the first day i think it is sore wen they wee.but he coped just fine.its a personal choice and as long as u read bout both sides b4 making a decision.but if we have another son he will be done.we have a few friends that havent had them done and they r now 4 and 5 and have spent many a night at the emergency coz they have a infection and they cant even wee it hurts so they have to be put on a waitn list to get thats cruel!!
Hey kiwi-tam,

I have two boys and both have been circumcised. The boys were done at 4 weeks of age. We basically did it because their dad has been done and to us seemed the right thing to do. Both boys were fine and did not suffer at all. Neither of them seemed to be in any pain when it was done only crying for a bottle as you have to hold off from feeding them until the procedure is complete. They had a bell put on and after a week the bell come away and the penis had healed. I personally had no problems. The boys are 3.5 and 1.5 years now and still have had no problems. I think it might depend on who does it and what procedure they take. A friend had their son done in hospital the week the baby was born and it was a terrible experience for her. I would refer the doctor that did my sons to anyone he was great.

Ceri mother of 4

Hi Kiwitam

My son is 7wks old and we had him done at 4wks. They won't do it after then because they then have to give them an anaesthetic. If its after 4wks they say to wait until 6mths.
We had absolutely no problems what so ever. He only cried when it was being done and the minute they bought him back into me, he stopped and smiled at me. He didn't cry anymore after that. It healed really well and now it looks great.

The procedure only takes about 4mins. We had it done because daddy is too, and they say it prevents them from catching certain STD's along with a whole lot of other things.

I'm all for it. We are in Melb. if you want the name of the Doctor. He is a little jewish man. They are the best at it as they do alot of them and he has been doing it for 20yrs.

Good luck with your decision
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