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Urinary Tract Infection... Lock Rss

My dd has a UTI when she was 5 weeks is 10 weeks..Was a pretty scary time when the doc's were trying to found out what was wrong with DD, and did a lot of tests and then came back with the infection being in her bladder. I was beside myself as i thought it was something i had done or hadn't done but as tests showed that she has kidney/bladder reflux-technical name is Vesicouretic Reflux..this is were the urine in her bladder flows back up to the kidneys as the valves have not fullt developed yet, but will do so with time.After 5 days in hospital on drips and anitibotics she came home well and still is. DD is on a low dose of antibotics everyday and will be for some time (maybe up to 2 years)and will have frequent scans to make sure damage is not being done to the kidneys...Was wondering if anyone elses DD or DS suffer from this????
My DS (now 10) had this. Oh my GOD I would never wish this experience on my worst enemy. I was living in Greece in Santorini and the hospitals are just shocking. He suffered from mystery high temps and the docs jsut could not pin point the cause. After months and months of a sick Bub when ended up being flowen to Athens to be immited into hospital for more tests. My poor baby had dye pushed up thru his willy to be x rayed (his little bladder was inflated witht this dye and I could see it like a baloon under the skin). It still m akes me cry to this day. Once they located what was causign the infection they operated and cleared out his urethra and circumsized him. He was on antobiotics which were fed thru a tube that went into his veins in his head. His veins were very small and would close over so I would wake int he middle of the night to see a HUGE lump on his head which was actually medicine. We spent 10 days in hospital living this awful night mare. Not too mention the inablility of the hospital staff to do anything right!!! and we were in the best hospital in Greece!!! Tezza I feel for you and your little girl and hope tha no one else goes thru this nightmare so early in our little ones life. Though, at least I got to take my baby home and raise him, there are plenty of parents who leave hospital after saying goodbye to their babies forever..............
Hi Tezza,

My daughter had a UTI when she was just 4 months old. It was the scarriest couple of days of my life! She had been unwell with temp over 38 for 3 days. I ha7d her to the doctor 3 times where each time they told me she had a viral infection, just keep breast feeding and she will be fine! I think not!!!

On day 3 of temp she woke at 9pm. She was really hot and it was in December on a really hot night which didnt help! I fed her and ran the bath to try and cool her down a little! Just as we put her into the bath she went stiff, started grunting and started convulsing! She was shaking all over for about 30 seconds and went a terrible grey colour! We whipped her out of the bath immedietly put a nappy on her wrapped her in a blanket and jumped straight in the car and drove to the hospital. I sat in the back of the car with her in my arms while she grunted the whole way not breathing properly!

When we walked into the Emergency Department they took one look at her (while they were assessing someone else) and said to me "OK dont panic we are taking you straught in to see a Doctor (yeah right dont panic she says) as she yells I need help - NOW!

Once they got oxygen on her she let out a scream and started to breath properly. When they took her temp it was 39.5!! After hours and hours of tests including bloods, ultrasounds, catheters, lumbar punctures etc etc they finally worked out that she had a UTI and was in hopsital for the next 3 days!

She too went home on antibiotics and stayed on them for 3 months until we went back to see the specialist and after we had our MCU. Which luckily showed she didnt have reflux however they picked up she had another UTI - even thought she was on antibiotics.

In a way I guess you can be glad that you know why she is getting UTI's. Our specialist cant explain why she keeps getting them and says it will prob be a problem that she will continue to have through out her life!

It was a very scary time and I get paranoid as soon as her wee smells slightly strong or offensive. Im just glad as someone said earlier that I got to take my baby girl home because when I was sitting in the back of the car with her floppy in my arms I was petrified. Its always good to know that there are others out there who have been through the same thing.

Hope you little girl is all better soon!

Jacquie, Mummy to Bailey, Tijana & Kaitlyn

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