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Newborns and the snow!!! Lock Rss

Hey im due in late June and my partner has recently found a new hobby... Snowboarding smile! He wants to go away this winter to the snow and our little one may only be a few weeks old, So i just wanted to know is it safe to take a new born to the snow...? Of course he will be inside as much as possible and wrapped up and kept warm but there will be times where he is outside!
Hi- another question is how will a new family go up in the snow, or away for that matter? I know I didn't want to leave our house with my first even though we have a holiday house down the coast that normally we live in throughout summer (cherub was a Jan baby).
But to answer your question- rug up your cherub and he'll be fine, inside and out. My best friend is a neonatal intensive care nurse and lives in Denmark- when she first came home to OZ during winter after having her first baby I went to visit her and her baby was asleep in the stroller outside. I couldn't believe it but she was explaining that its common practice for babies in Denmark to have at least 1 day sleep outside, and that their asthma rates are much, much lower than ours, which has been attributed to lungs being exposed to fresh, cold air...

Not sure if I'd let my cherub sleep outside rugged up or not, but for you to enjoy a break away I don't think you'd have anything to worry about.

Sorry about novel!

Good luck with rest of pregnancy- I'm due 29 June

oooo Very interesting! I LOVE the cold im a horse rider and find doing everything in the freezing cold is much much better then the heat! i Like the idea of letting bubz have a sleep in the cold fresh air and as long as they are rugged up it wouldnt harm him, my mum use to let us run around but naked in the cold and play in the mud and everything and we NEVER got colds! So hopefully the snow will be safe for him! But being new to motherhood i may not even want to go as the snow is new to me too!

Good luck With your bubz!!!!
hey darl i just had my first 29 may, my DH and i normally go every year for a week or 2 however this year i'm letting my hubby go with the boys as i can't ski, (they don't recommed it within 12wks of giving birth in case you fall badly.) i don't see the point in going and sitting at front valley every day, bored and paying high prices for average coffee, etc. however we do normally see a few newborns down there every year we go and they don't seem to be bothered or have a problem with it.

if you go have fun, wish i were going this year. looks like a really good season, unlike last year.
Hi my son is 2.5 this year and this will be his third trip to the snow. As long as they are warm they will be ok, just like us. First year was mainly in the lodge, with walks outside, last year was walking on the snow and investigating, this year will be more introduction to he environment in preparation for his first adventure on skis next year.

Have fun!!
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