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nappy rash prevetion and treatment on newborns Lock Rss

im after a good way to prevent and treat nappy rash in newborn girls, is it ok to put baby powder on after every nappy change? i was told sudocrem to treat the rash and curash powder to prevent it,
are these ok to use on newborn skin?

Firstly look at why she is getting nappy rash (if she is getting it) often it is a reaction to the nappy. If she is in disposables they are full of chemicals that can be bad for bubs skin. You may need to change nappy brands or go to cloth. If in cloth, different materials react to different kids skin differently. If you can go for natural fibres - hemb, bamboo, cotton etc.

Secondly, most commercial baby lotions/oils etc are notorious for causing reactions with bubs skin. Use natural products (organic if possible) such as olive oil, avocado oil etc and steer clear from lotions unless they have very few ingredients in them and you know what they all are. Skin essentially sucks these products up and you have to consider them food for skin. If you wouldn't eat it - you probably shouldn't put it on your skin!

Thirdly - frequent nappy changes are really important!

Other preventative measures:
Lots of nappy free time.
Don't bathe too frequently water dries the skin)

If she has nappy rash - then soak some camomille teabags in some water and then dab gently on the rash. (for soothing)
Different nappy rashes need different treatments. You may find one cream works one day and then later it does nothing. It depends on why she has the rash. I found pawpaw cream to be invaluable.

If you want to use powder - just use corn flour. The perfumes and other bits and pieces in talc can cause nappy rash anyway.

Make sure that your bubs nappy is not humid. people that use plastic nonbreathable covers for cloth nappys are asking for nappy rash!

I hope that helps a bit to start with!
I've never used powder before so can't tell you what's best in that regard,
however in terms of cream, for preventative measures I'd use pawpaw..
If your baby has nappy rash, a zinc based one usually works well, such as sudocrem.
I personally love Amolin.. and it smells great too!

If baby does have a rash and doesn't seem to be clearing up with sudocrem or curash or pawpaw etc, best to start using an anti-fungal coz it might be thrush..

But I usually use Amolin. DS has never had nappy rash but DD used to get it and sudocrem and amolin both worked great..

My daughter had a nappy rash which was caused by the nappies i was using were too small, and i didn't realise. The nappy rash looked sore and puffy so i took her to the Dr.

I was told to put Daktozin cream on her 3 times a day for a period of a week and continue to use my normal nappy rash prevention cream in between. The rash cleared up in 2 days and of course i bought larger nappies.

You can buy Daktozin cream at the chemist for $14.95.

Like one of the other mother's who also made a comment on your post, I make sure my daughter has a lot of free nappy time, it helps dry up her skin, and she love's it.

Good luck.
I find a barrier cream such as nappy mate is good. I also find that if the nappy is too small it doesn't effectivly draw the wet away from the skin and causes nappy rash.

hi there,
ive been using bapanthen nappy rash cream and it seems to be doing great its very thick and she seems to get relief when i put it on her.

i bought johnsons baby powder, HOWEVER, my MW told me DO NOT use powder on her bottom as there has been a link to cervical cancer, so i only use the powder on her legs and belly to avoid rubbing.
I sware by Covitol cream - has zinc and fish oil in it and it works wonders in no time flat. Can only get it from chemists though, at about $8 for a tube.
I'd tried Pawpaw ointment and found it as good as water.
I also never used powders as 1) they aren't recommended and 2) they seem to go gluggy and stick to the sores.

rhysladdi wrote:
im after a good way to prevent and treat nappy rash in newborn girls, is it ok to put baby powder on after every nappy change? i was told sudocrem to treat the rash and curash powder to prevent it,
are these ok to use on newborn skin?

Instead of applying baby powder to treat the nappy rashes, I would strictly recommend you to apply a diaper rash cream on your baby's tiny little bums. Everytime, you change the diaper, make sure you apply the diaper rash cream on your baby's bums to prevent rashes around the genital areas.
don't use talcum powder, it may irritates your baby's skin. Try a nappy rashes cream, it's best for your baby. But before applying anything on your baby skin, please consult with your health expert..

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