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the corn starch powders are better. corn startch neutralises acids in urine (helping with nappy rash) and is safer to breath. i dont use either, but with DS1 i did use the corn starch based powder occassionally.

I only ever use vaseline with every nappy change, but I've been using baby powder after every bath to soak up any moisture. I've never heard of this but I'm not going to use it anymore just to be safe.
Hi everyone!

I use an organic clay based powder, has anyone heard whether this is ok?



Wow i didnt know any of this!

From today i dont think i will use baby powder.

At this stage im generally only using it once a week and i just put on from the bottle.

Scary =(
i have also heard that is could be linked to cervical cancer.

i am currently using powder atm, but its a little sample pack, and when it runs out i will move onto the creams when she has nappy rash.

plus i just put it on my fingers and put it on her that way. i just gently pat it on.

powder is bad to use on baby girls as there is a possible link to cervical cancer.
although no confirmed link is known there is a risk so just be careful. in saying that i still use powder (not on the bum area only on legs and tummy) because it prevents nappies from rubbing. for the bum area i just use bephathen (sp?)nappy rash cream, and if she gets a rash under her neck, arms, etc, i just use the bephathen cream.
I don't think that cervical cancer one is true lmfao as it is transmitted from men not from baby powders that don't go anywhere near your cervix....ANYWAY another good reason to not use the baby powder is because for girls it can cause them to get thrush

There are alot of articles, blogs, and reports on Talc based powders not being safe and that they may cause cancer. With that being said, I steer clear of any such products and try to use the best all natural and organic products on my baby. I found MADE OF with prides their brand on being the only certified organic that is also vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free group of products. MADE OF products, including their Talc-free baby powder are great. They even have samples available for a small fee on their website.
Talc-based powders are not a good choice from everything I have read. However, I found a great talc-free, organic powder by MADE OF. It is gentle, smells good, and helps absorb moisture, which is the whole reason I use powder.
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