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Lexapro? Rss

Anyone been on or on this medication?

I have OCD with some depressive symptoms that has been exacerbated post natally.

I am resisting against meds. They make me feel sick. Im also worried about being on it in future pregnancy so any experiences would be greatly appreciated.


Kristi 5 kids.

Never heard of that one, but my sil has agrophobia and depression, the medication she is on sounds like yours except I think it's called aropax (not sure).
Not sure how long you've been on it but do u know most meds can make you feel a little sick the first week or so until you get used to them? Your doctor will know if it's safe during pregnancy and if it's not they can usually prescribe an alternative for use during preg & breastfeeding.
I always worry for ppl who resist meds for whatever reason, because if you need them you NEED them. Hope you sort something out with your doctor because the consequences of NOT taking medication if you need it can be scarey.

Dizie, 2 girls, 2002 & 2003


I am on Lexapro for PND and have been for 1 year now. It does take a while to find a suitable medication for each individual. I was on 20mg and have now dropped to 10mg. I am hoping to only stay on this for another 6 months as I want to fall pregnant again. It did make me feel a bit off and tired for a while. They say that it can take up to 4 weeks for your body to adjust to certain anti-deppressants.

Hope this helps.


Ali, Bris, Mum to Abbey and Will

hi kristy,

i was on lexapro for about 9-10 weeks but after about 7-8 weeks my depression came back and i had to change my medication to zoloft, i was only on 10mg and am now on 50mg. I didn't have any really bad side effects from either medication, only that i was tired and felt drunk for the first couple of days. Lexapro made me feel better instantaniously, but zoloft is working a little bit slower, everyone is different and reacts differently to the different medications, my advice is to speak to your doctor and they can review any medication they give you in a month, thats what my doctor did and still does.

good luck

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