Hi there i have been there with pnd too.
After the birth of my 1st, i was a young mum 19 married and had a baby with colic. And feeding problems.
He cried all night and in the end I thought he hated me.
Hubby was great and walked around with him for hours on end while i TRIED to sleep.
I took everything out on him and was almost psycotic (sp) Then i feel preganant with my 2nd when my 1st was just 6months old.
It got worse as he has colic and very bad ezcema.
People offered me advice use this use that in the end i wouldnt go out because of stares and comments.
Which made the PND worse as the misery set in.
I was put on antidepressants and that helped.
Then we planned bub 3 and i kicked the medication and havent looked back since.
I got a positive atttitude got out and met people and generally picked up my life.
I have since had 2 more kids the youngest jsut 2 weeks old and im determined not to be in that place again.
My advice see your doctor as prenatal depression is real and try to meet some new people or take up a hobby anything to help relieve the stress as the more you worry about it the worse it gets.
Hope i helped fell free to email me on
[email protected]

cheers cyndii