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Question about medication Lock Rss

I have been hiding the fact from everybody till yesterday when confroted by DP on why I have been such a bitch fro last 9 months ( and g i thought I was hiding it). Well he works night shift so doesnt see the tears that occur every night, does not realise that I only go out of the house if DS needs something urgently. I put of leaving the house if I can. I dont answer the pphone if hes not home. But all came crashing down yesterdAY dp CONFRONTED ME SAYING THAT i HAVE LOST THE essence that was me. And the truth hit me like a tonn of bricks he was right,. I had been ignoring my withdrwl and tears and also I have anger and I dont understand why. I have a bud=bs whos had severe reflux, allergies and intolerances, therefore bad sleeping patterns. What I was wondering is medication necessary treatment for PND, do u have counseling? How does counselling help? And if u take medication isnt the problem still there when u stop taking it? I am confused, frustrated,sad, depressed. All I want is to b a good mum 4 my boy. Why am I failing???

Hi Kya1

Firstly, you are NOT failing! You are there for your little DS and he loves you no matter what!!

Becoming a mother can be a confusing time, its a huge learning curve for everyone and it can take its toll when bubs has some problems and especially when u are getting enough sleep!

Have u asked a GP or a paediatrician about the reflux? If u can find something to help that he may sleep better. My DD has reflux and i put a towel under the top end of her mattress so she is on a slight slant which has helped considerably. I also hold bubs upright for about 20-30mins after feeding her to try and help. Also, have been recommnded to give her liquid gaviscon before feeds to try and help with the reflux as im breastfeeding. I do believe there is a thickened formula on the market for formula fed bubs that is thicker than usual to help the reflux problem.

I believe you can get medication for PND, but u need to go and see someone and talk to them about it! Medication doesn't need to be the solution but it can help in the short term. Bottling it up inside of you isn't going to help! Babies can feel when their mummies are upset and become MORE unsettled. If u take medication, i believe u also need professional counselling so u can work out why you are feeling the way you are and work towards feeling better, and slowly coming off the medication.

Is there a reason u don't like going out of the house?? Even going for a walk with DS in the pram just so u get some fresh air and a scenery change might help ur mood a bit. Can u pinpoint a reason why u feel anger? Loss of friends? Loss of social life? I too have experienced many of the things that u are talking about and am just trying to make some suggestions that have helped me.

There is a book called "Down came the rain" that talks about PND and the struggle a famous mum had with it. I think it is written by Brooke Sheilds. As sad as this sounds i saw it on Oprah but after reading ur story it might be something u can read that u can relate too.

If u ever want to chat my email/msn is [email protected]

I wish u all the best sweetheart and wish i could give u a big hug!

I am sure you are a wonderful mother! Don't ever feel that your not!


DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

Where in qld are you Kylie?
Apparently sleep deprivation can lead to PND.
When I first realised I had PND I was so angry at everything- in fact anger was the only real emotion I felt. When you take meds it supports your system whilst it heals itself - they do not fix the problems. Thats where counselling comes in - it helps you to develop better thinking habits so the bad emotions dont escalate and take over.
Find a doctor you trust and talk it over with them- they'll probably recommend you talk to a specialist (I went into Belmont Private Hospital for nearly 2 weeks).
As the other lady said you are not failing - there's no such thing as the perfect mother and if someone says they are - they're lying!

Sharyn, Qld, 5yr & 6mth boys

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