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PND and OCD Lock Rss

I was just wondering if any mums had a similar condition to mine and how they cope with it. I have a condition which started during the pregnancy due to severe stress and problems associated with the pregnancy. I developed PND and OCD and severe anxiety disorder. I had a week of relief after my beautiful baby was born via c-section but then my condition changed and became more severe. I went to a special mother baby unit and am seeing some wonderful specialists who have helped to find me the right medication but I am feeling like such a bad person and want to know if anyone else is suffering from anything similar. I have negative obsessive thoughts about my baby but they're not what I want and they distress me to the point where I can't remember whether or not I acted on them even though my gorgeous girl is completely fine. Please don't judge me as this is something I don't want and am working very hard to get rid of, I just want to know if anyone else is suffering with this... sad
Hi there

I suffer from mild Bi-Polar which was only diagnosed after i had my second baby. I dont suffer from what oyu have described but i just wanted to say that i admire you greatly for not only being big enough to seek help but to share your story-you never know who you might be helping admit they have a problem through your bravery.

Your baby is a lucky girl to have a mummy who loves her enough to seek help and I have no doubt that she will thank you one day for making sure you were the best mum you could be for her.

you are NOT a bad person-quite the opposite honey. If you had a heart condition you wouldnt feel bad would you? NO, you have a chemical imbalance in your brain which requires medication-thats it-you didnt go out and look for trouble or this, so dont blame yourself you couldnt have prevented this even if you had warnign it was going to happen.

Take care and if you ever want to chat my msn is [email protected]


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Hi Mummy of Lily!

I'm Caree. I have a 22mth old and was diagnosed with OCD in January this year even though i'v had it for years. I've also been struggling with anxiety disorders for years.
As if one illness isn't hard enough to deal with hey!!
I'm now on medication for my OCD and i'm working through it slowly with my wonderful husband! I'm also seeing an internet psychologist that my GP put me on to. I've found it to be a wonderful help.
Noone should judge you. If they do they're not worth your time. I know exactly where you're coming from - well maybe not exactly but pretty close to it!!!
If you want to email me, please do. . .
[email protected]
I'd love to hear from you, you're not alone!!

Caree & Xanthi, 2 1/2 already!

Hi there ladies,

Can you please help me as I am not sure what defines OCD?

Many people (family and friends) have said that I suffer from it but, i have never been diagnosed.

If I may ask you how you discovered you had it (please I dont want to pry or offend any of you with this request) I am just curious of how it affects your lives and if I am in the same situation i would need to seek help.

I dont know if I am severely affected but there are a few things that i am extremely compulsive about, and cant stop my self.

Thank you for your time, it is greatly appreciated


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Hi Mummy of Lily
I can relate and I will in no way judge...
Following the birth of my daughter in February 2005, I developed PND with severe anxiety and obsessive, intrusive thoughts that would terrify me - like a tape player going over and over in my head, that I simply could not do anything to stop - it is a form of severe anxiety - and a torment. I too spent time in a mother and baby clinic and it has been a long road back to restored health. Please remember that even though it seems impossible to control the thoughts, with time, the right medication, support and therapy, you will get better and you are doing so well as a mother by seeking help for yourself and your baby. Please persevere and things will improve. Sometimes you need to try different medications before you find one that works for you. My baby is now 2 and I am still what I would describe as a very focussed person who tends to ruminate and I still have an obsessive head scratching habit but hey, that is nothing compared to full blown OCD and I am learning to accept myself with all the complexities and frailties that make me human - and the tape no longer goes over and over in my head, thanks goodness! I hope you have some supportive family and friends around you who understand (although no one can really understand unless they've experienced it first hand!) to help you on the path to recovery. Feel free to contact me any time.
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