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Chaos - Tears, laughter but no regrets! Lock Rss

After all my life knowing that i wanted to be married and have children, why did it all give me such joy and confusion all at once! I have a beautiful daughter aged 2 and a son born 16th feb 2006. Anyone who would like to share their frustrations are dearly welcome. When i used to ask people for advice, sure they were happy to oblige-but it all seemed so positive and non-judgemental. What i mean, is that sometimes you just want the ugly truth! I was told such things like, dont worry about the house, just play all day. And, my favourite; dont worry, it will all figure itself out. ummm, no it wont. my friendly advice to any mum or dad experiencing any type of confusion involving these two legged creatures - is enjoy them, they grow up too fast!! And get ORGANISED! have schedules that are flexible, but that you honestly can easily maintain. Once i learnt that i can have it all, without the confusion- i smiled!!

mel, VIC, girl 2yrs, boy 5 mths

Hi Melanie.
I live by routines and scheduals!
If its not on the calander it doesnt exsist.
with 5 kids i have lists everywhere of things to be done, place i have to go etc.
The kids have there own lists too.
Chores, reminders eg libraryetc.
We even have a schedual or checkilist of when babies were last changed and fed!
Chaos reigns supreme in my house its never quiet but then its never boring either.
Cheers cyndii

Mum to 3 little Hobbits and 2 Beautiful Princesses

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