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Baby number 5 arrives safely Lock Rss

Hi all im new to the forums, so HI
And now announcing the Grand Enterance of Caitin Maree born 4/4/06.
In Canberra Hospital,weighing 6lbs 14 oz.
She is the youngest of 5 children and only the second girl.
Im so proud of myself lol i did it all without the epidural and im telling ya after have 4 blissful births i thought i was going to die! roflmao
Total time spent in labour was 1hr 10moins but pre-labour pains lasted on and off for 2 days.
Hope to make some pals in here.
im 26 married and a stay at home mum.

Cheers Cyndii

Mum to 3 little Hobbits and 2 Beautiful Princesses

Hi Cyndii,

Congrats on your beautiful baby no 5 Caitlin. How is she going? I have four children under 4.5 and my youngest is 11 weeks. My husband and i are currently discussing no 5. I have two girls and two boys. I to have great labours maybe that why it is so easy to keep having babies. ( I love kids to that always helps). I know you have only had your bub but are you planning on having anymore? I am 30 and also a stay at home mum. We live on a dairy farm in brisbane. Would love to keep in contact.


Ceri mother of 4

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