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i just had my first little baby on the 28th july 3 weeks early she is just over three months and i just found out another one is on the way

NSW, Isabella (28/7/05), No. 2 due 15/10/05

i know how you feel. I have had mine but I fell pregnant again when my first one was 4 mths. Its great though at least they will always have some one there age to play with
i had my 1st son in may 2000 no2 october 2001, & no3 in nov. 2002 its hard work but it gets harder b4 it ges easier. i think having them as close as mine has some draw backs eg. they are so close in age that all want to play with same toy etc but its also a good thing as they are interestd in the same type of activity wishing you the best

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

yes I was the same I had 3 babies in one year , after having bek in january and the twins in decemeber it will be ok !! my twins are now 2 months old and its fun scary sad and fab, they will all be play mates when they get older.

Rebekah 13months and Jarrod/Madeline 2months


Anita .... Mum to 3 babies in 1 year ...

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