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Birth Announcements


How to Post Your Birth Announcement Lock

Hi All After sharing your pregnancies together why not announce the birth of your baby to everyo...

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Hi! Baby Jack Cole was born last week. He weights 6kgs and so huge.


Everyone please welcome Baby Lee Lock My precious baby

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Due in October 2020 Lock

Hi mummies and daddies! I’m expecting my first baby girl this October. I’d love to make some new ...

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Experiences Lock

Hey all! I want more people to share their experiences with TTC. I always am inspired by the diff...

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Hello everyone. How are you? I truly have nothing out of order with my infertility. I have endometrial cancer. It is in my uterus. A...


Does a quick labour hurt more than a long labour? Lock

I've been told that people that have had quick labours (1-5 hours and baby is out) think it hurts...

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My first labour was 6 hrs my second was 3 hrs from start to finish the second one was really intense only had gas. 3 pushes and my d...


Due in May 2016 Lock

I'm due at the end of May anyone else due in May 2016

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Wrong post and now I can't delete sorry


Christmas are you planning to tell everyone about the pregnancy Lock

Hi Everyone ! One more sleep to big guy in Red appears under the tree and the festivities begin....

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just found out pregnant and 3 other close family members lost their babies (during preg) Lock

hi there I was just wanting to talk about, only because I don't know who to talk to, I am ab...

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Yeah that's a hard one! You need be mindful of them as they are probably still hurting, but in the same way you also need to te...


Tauranga Mums due July 2015 Lock

Im expecting my first baby (girl) early July. Looking to make some new mum friends.. Im 22, livi...

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Welcome to the world Tyson Levi :) Lock

So Guys this past Tuesday I went in for induction at Canberra Hospital. I had the prostin gel at...

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Congrats and enjoy


Extremely late.... Lock

Just want to introduce my daughter, she is 11 weeks old now... Born the 14th Jan by c-section, 9l...

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Congrats!!!! I hope all is going well.


29 wks gestation arrival Lock

I'd like to announce my gorgeous despite very early first born. Riley Samuel was born on Mar...

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Laura87 wrote: Congratulations!!! Thanks Laura! It was a traumatic experience to say the least I was nearly sent home a 2nd time...

Little Egg

It's a boy!!!! :-) Lock

Hi Everyone, Sorry is has taken me so long to get on here and announce - DS2 arrived on Saturday ...

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Thanks for sharing your story! And congratulations for having a wonderful addition to your family!


Mason has arrived!! :D Lock

After all my whinging about wanting to get labour started, our little guy showed his face on the ...

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Congrats to you... God bless


Jasper has arrived!!! Lock

Jasper was born at 10.27 pm on the 28th of June after just 3 hours of labour. My waters broke at ...

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congratulations to you and your family on the safe arrival of baby jasper


he's here Lock

baby Bryce is finally here yay, he was born on the 17th of June

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thanks ladies


Almost 4 months late but Ive had my baby! lol and she's beautiful see for yourself! Lock

Our first baby our darling daughter was due on 22 Jan 8pounds 10oz natural birth and came 15 days...

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Hi, I was just responding to a common myth (in my case) that heartburn is linked to your baby having heaps of hair. Whenever people ...


My birth story Lock

I had a pretty normal day for most of Monday. The odd tightening during the day. At 5pm they star...

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Congrats!!!! Pleased to hear that you are home. Sounds like a better experience than the first but still quite stressful. So pleased...


Arielle Lock

On the 18th May 2014 Arielle (pronounced R E L) was born. 5 days early I am so,so inlove!!! Had...

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Wow that's awesome, congratulations!! Great birth story

Mila Lock


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congrats on the birth of your little girl


My beautiful Rose is here Lock

Born 17th March 2014 my first DD Matilda Rose blessed our lives with her presence ,weighing the h...

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its a bit late but congrats on the birth of your little girl hope she is all you wished for and then some.


It's a(nother) boy! Lock

Hi all Just wanted to stick my head in to announce that we had our second boy last Tuesday, the ...

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A huge congratulations on bub. That is wonderful news

~Mel A~

He's here! Lock

Very excited to welcome into the world Tyler Glen at 10.44am yesterday weighing 4,040g, 52cm long...

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Proud mumma again... Lock

Hey everyone... Would like to announce the birth of my 3rd child and 2nd daughter Amara who was ...

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Cuddles for Mum

He's here!!! Lock

Just wanted to share with you all that our precious little bundle was born on Tues 29th Jan at 5....

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congrats on your little man

It's a ......... Lock

yayayyaya congrats again - he is gorgeous

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Awwww.... He's just so cute!!!! Hope you two are at home relaxing now! Congrats hun!


Introducing my third little princess Lock

I don't know how to put a photo in here, but my profile picture is a photo of my newest litt...

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Congratulations on a gorgeous little girl


Introducing Harrison Lock

Hi All, I am so happy to announce the safe arrival of my boy, Harrison. Born at 6pm on Thursday 3...

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congratulations! he is absolutely adorable!

mumma of 4

Introducing the twinnies :) Lock

Well its a little late but ive been pre occupied. my girls have made their grand entrance Miss M...

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3 drive me crazy

At home Lock

Finally back at home. Natalia Mirella was born at 9:08am on Monday morning. Weighing 4.06kg and 5...

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Congratulations on the birth of Natalia. What a perfect name, my dd1 is Natalia Isabelle. Hope you are both doing well.

My baby is here..... Lock

Congratulations!!! Glad that your experience wasn't all bad, and he sounds absolutely perfec...

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Congratulations hun on the birth of little Hudson Enjoy those newborn snuggles and I hope your recovering well xx

He's here! Lock

Yay congrats he's adorable. Great job with the birth too I bet you are celebrities

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Congratulations! Fabulous name! Rest up well.

Introducing - Lilah Annabel Lock

Congratulations, what a beautiful little girl.

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Congratulations Tigerlily Glad to hear that you're little princess finally arrived. She is totally gorgeous

Cuddles for Mum

Rosie Mumma?? Lock

Haven't heard from you for a while, hope things are finally happening! Looking forward to yo...

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Ooh, yes, I think she was booked for Friday... She better pop on soon and let us know anyone else due or overdue now?


He is here Lock

Hi all, Its been ages since I have been on here but thought I would post my announcement....

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Congratulations on Tristan! Is that him in the photo?! Assuming it is he's just gorgeous! Beautiful photo, I would love a shot ...