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What oven cleaner do you use? I used to "borrow" my oven cleaner from where I used to work. So I don't know what to get lol!

Hi Wendy

Last year I worked in a hideous job for 7 months, and my present to myself was a miele kitchen, including a pyrolytic oven, so I don't use any cleaners at all. But between pyrolytic cleans I use enjo on it and it comes up a treat, I used this on my old one too.

Good luck
i use this product... i cant remember what its called but u can find it in coles and woolies, with the other oven cleaners and its in a silver box.... its a liquid and it comes with a big bag. u take the racks out of the oven and place them in the bag - i do 2 at a time. U squirt some of the liquid in the bag, zip the bag and even out the liquid.. It wont look like much liquid, but trust me, it works. I pop the bag with the racks in it outside under the barbie for a day or so.. It says just a few hours, or overnight, But obviously the longer the better... after a few hours u just turn the bag over so that the other side of the racks get a fair coverage of the liquid... And then u do the same again with the rest of the racks... they come up soooo clean, and the best part about it, you hardley have to touch it. once you have left it for a few hours, or over night, which ever, u just rinse them under hot water and a clean dish cloth... to do the actual inside of the oven, i just use this selleys stuff in a small white bottle and leave it for a while. come back, wipe out...

I swear by it, not only cause it does actually work, but cause your not really up to your arm pits in oven grease, and caustic spray....

All in all to get the best result, my oven is usually out of action for 24 hours.. generally over night...

You only get one bag, which is why ive saved a bag from last time, so i can do all the racks at one time, but in two bags... It is only a one time application, but it is really worth it considering how efficient and time saving it really is... I go from NEVER cleaning my oven, to doing it ALL the time...

Sorry for the novel, but just wanted to give some advice....

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