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Anyone here who does Tony Ferguson? Lock Rss

I have a couple questions...


I have been on it what are your questions and I will see if I can answer than for you..

I went in today to sign DH up but cos he needs to go in himself which hes going to on Monday after work, I could only buy enough shakes for tomorrow and Monday, however since hes not signed up yet I couldnt get the book that tells you what foods he can/cant eat

so, just wondering what are the approved fruit and vegies and portions? and also the ones they need to stay away from?

thanks so much smile


has the recipies on there and stuff.

[Edited on 31/01/2009]

Allowed vegetables are as followed alfa sprouts, aspargus, beans, bok choy, brocoli, brussel sprouts, celery, cabbage, capsicum, cauliflowerm cucumber, Eggplant, lettuce leeks Mung beans mushrooms, onions radish shallots snow peas spinach squash tomato watercress zuccini
carrots are only allowed 3 times per week due to high carb content

Fruits are as follows Apple, apricots dried 5, babnan under ripe 1
balckberries 10, blueberries 20 cherries 10,grapefruit1, grapes 10, lemon 1 mango small 1, nectarine 1 orange 1, passion fruit 1 peach 1 pear 1 prunes 5, rasberries 10 straberries

bananas you can only have 3 a week

Can eat as much diet jelly as he likes.

Thanks so much for the info!!

Q. can they change their meals around at all? eg eating a meal for lunch rather than dinner?

Yes you can but you will find that the person will be too hungry during the nite.

They recommend having a bowl of veges or a boiled egg etc with a shake at lunch if you need filling up more...

As long as you have have 2 shakes a day...

I wouldnt personally do the shake at tea time, I was still hungry...

I might have done the shake at tea, only if I was out for lunch....but then had diet jelly for after the shake...

Or freeze the shake and add jelly, thats really yummy...

Good luck...

Alanna,VIC DD 030503 DS1 290605 & DS2 040407

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