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Anyone returning to study after having a baby? Lock Rss

Hi, I have just graduated as an early childhood teacher. I was in my third year last year when I got pregnant, I continued with my studies right throughout the pregnancy, had my girl in december, had the tech holidays over xmas and returned to study in february!.. My daughter is 7 months old now and I have just graduated as a qualified teacher. It has been hard work but so worth it !, now that I've done all my study I can earn good money and we are able to buy a nice family home for our little girl. I definetly think you should go ahead with your studies. Having children does not mean you can't do it ! It is more of an incentive for you to become succesful so that you can be a great role model for your babies smile.. good luck !
Hey! I think that I understand. But that is a possible thing to do if that is what you truly want. Absolutely! I know it by my own experience. There is one piece of advice that I can give you. Don’t do everything on your own strength. There is always someone/something that can support you. For example, “my assignment help” service. When you can’t meet all the deadlines order your texts here. Very helpful, huge support!
well it's difficult to study after having a baby but hence it's possible. i'm doing job in pharmacy company which sells products like vidalista and careprost.

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