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How much does your 4 year old weight Lock Rss

Hi there I took my son for his 4yr old immunisations yesterday and was told he is overweight hes 104cms tall and 24kg told should be only 17-18kg just wondering what everyone elses 4 yr old weights is mine really that fat.

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

my daughter is also 15 kilo's. i thought that she was too skinny but she eats alot i mean alot.

Happy Mumma

My DS turned 4 one month ago. He is about 19kg, but 115cm tall.

Yep a giant string bean.

My DD who turns 5yrs old in a week weigh 23kgs. She looks chunky but, she is beautiful and healthy!


Sarah, QLD- 3 ADorAbLe Daughters!!

my DS turned 4 in January and is about 21kg but he is really tall so he is in proportion!! As long as they eat a healthy diet and run around plenty they will be fine!! My 3rd DS is 8 months and is 11.35kg and the CHN just told me he was overweight, bahhh big raspberry to her!!!

My daughter has just turned 4. She is 108cm (quite tall) and 17kg. She looks in proportion. It is worth using the percentile charts to track weight and growth. Most concerning is if the "lines" start to be crossed, either up or down, then the situation needs review. I would consider getting another opinion (from GP or CYH nurse - find someone you are comfortable talking to and that you trust their judgement).
Don't take it the wrong way, but maybe your gorgeous boy is a bit overweight and needs help to grow into a more appropriate weight (losing weight is never advisable for kids). Obesity is a major childhood epidemic at present, and most of us do not want to think it may be happening to our own kids. I am a GP and it is often hard to bring this up with parents - you are doing really well thinking about it as an issue. Good luck!
Hi thanks to all for your replies it does seem like my son is a bit overweight Hey mum of 2 gergous girls I do not understand what you mean by saying if the "lines" cross?.
it was a CHN based on those charts that told me he was overweight he is above the above average line but he has always been this way since birth. my newborn now 3 months old is almost 7kg so hes following his brother. I just dont know what to do to help him grow into a more appropiate weight he does not eat much junk food but he does not eat fruit so his snacks are sandwich or a LCM bar, rice biscutes etc. any ideas?.

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

Hi my DS was 4 in March is 110cms and weighs 19.5kgs. He eats like a horse but can never sit still - NEVER.

At the end of the day you are the one that knows your son. Your the one that feeds him and knows what he eats. Sometimes I think that the charts aren't that realistic as everyone is different. No need to instill that type of negative thoughts into someone that young and for you to be worried about it - yet.

If you're happy and they're happy then stay happy.

Me 28, DP 31 - Lochie 4 Laura 2

My DD is 4 and is 115cm tall and she weighs 24kg. My in laws are always commenting that she looks tubby but i think she looks just right and they should just let her be a kid! Gosh its hard enough having to deal with weight problems when you get older. I know that she eats well and she is very active and thats all that matters.
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Kaliyah Jett 11/11/02 & Cruze Scarlett 8/8/06

my daughter is 4 in july and she weighs about 22kgs and is quiet short i was always told she was overweight they even suggested having blood tests when she was 2 to see if anything was wrong which i did get done as i started 2 worry. we ended having 2 done because they didnt beleive nothing was wrong with her in the end the only thing wrong she is abit low in salt. children grow @ there own pace just because they abit chunky dosnt mean nothing it adds to there character and its the way they meant to be doesnt mean they're going to stay that way.
hey there well natalia my 3yo is just on 17kgs dear
he was weighed recently and was about 24 kg I think , I forget and its not in his blue book but he will be 5 in nov.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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