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Aspergers & Autism how did you know something was wrong. Lock Rss

My now 7 year old son was diaginosed with aspergers syndrome at the age of 2.5yrs old. He was not talking, becoming very angry he could'nt get his point across, he was very into his own routine. He would also have obsession with (bob the builder, thomas the tank engine). He would be in his own world not understanding others feelings. At first we were very sad, and wondered what the future would hold. He is now 7 and coping very well in a main stream school,his speech has come along very well with intense speech pathology/ home help.He can still be difficult at times but we have all adjusted well with the situation. He is a beautiful looking boy and that has also helped him. good luck and have a strong marriage, things will work out if it is aspergers/autism
Thanks for your reply he is starting to get better with his speech but we are still waiting to be assesed by a specialist ( 7 months and still counting) Just things he is strting to do lately have made me think even more he has some form of autism he is very obsessive with tooth brushes to the point where he willcarryone around with him for hours and if he sees one he has to have it. Also he hates change ( but what 3 year old doesnt) but he is really bad he will scream and cry if someone comes over he doesnt know or if it gets to much for him. He also remembers things really easily he can tell you the name of every department store and supermarket just by seeing the logo but the scary thing is i havent told him what they are he has just picked it up. He can also count to 30 knows all his abc and knows 4 nursery rhymes that his brother has come home singing from kindy.
I was told recently that we probably wont get assesed until he is in the school system which is what i really wanted to avoid i didnt want the kindy to have to deal with him with out an assesment but it looks like thye might have to because he will start pre entry in a term
My son (now almost 7) was diagnosed with ASD just before finishing preschool. After seeing alot of doctors and getting no where we finally had a paediatrician diagnose him on the grounds that there was diffenently some developemently problem and unless a diagnoses was on paper my son wouldn't receive any help in main stream public schooling.
I had been battling doctors since my son was 2, I was told it was my problem and that I wasn't handling being a mum, I was put on anti depressents, referred to child behavioural programs for parents and child psycologists. Nobody listened and nobody cared.
The daycare centre were no help as they weren't doing their job and assured me that he was fine and happy. It was a new assistant that approached me oneday and told me the things that they did to try and control him and that my son needed help. She begged me not to tell the director she had spoken to me.
I quit work when he was 3years 4 months to have him at home and struggled even more until one day, while I had my son at the doctors surgery to see the nurse a new doctor burst into the room and demanded I see her urgently, my son was almost 4. She had heard the poor boy screaming not able to talk and asked me why I hadn't been to see doctors about this...She soon saw his chart and realised what had been happening. We found that my son had hearing loss and I was referred to speech therapy and ENT specialists. The speech therapist realised there was more then just speech delay and referred me to a Special Education Unit for early intervention with shared time at preschool. At the age of 5 and a half he was diagnosed and has improved in leaps and bounds.
He still struggles at school in english and writing, but loves maths. His biggest and most upsetting battle has been in the play ground...At 7 he still needs help to understand how to play and respond in the peer environment.
I am now expecting my second baby and was worried about having another with Asperger's syndrome. But I know more now and will be prepared. If it happens again I'll make the healthcare professionals listen. It was a long hard road and at times very depressing but at least after 4 years my son and I got the support we needed. I now enjoy being a mum again.
my daughter is 4 and recently diagnosed as PDD-NOS (ASD)
i've written alot over the forums about her and it and stuff.. to view click my name and see all topics i've posted about.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

this is a site i chat at to get ideas, and talk about things and to have people understand me and what im going through. if you'd like to join come on over for the autism support you need.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

My son has just turned 4 and was diagnosed with ASD 2 months before he turned 2.He wasn't saying words and just babbled a lot.By the time he was about 16/17 months he was head banging, screaming constantly and our GP put it down to that he wanted our attention and to just ignore his behaviour.He doesn't head bang anymore and only screams when he is excited, he is okay with change and says very little words Bye, Dad/Dadda, Look, Uh-Oh are his most common ones.

We have decided to try for another one and yes there is a chance of the next one having it but we are doing things a little bit differently than we did with Jacob.

DS Jacob 15/4/03 DD Kaitlyn 16/09/2008

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