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Hello i have twin boys and they will be 4 in may. I guess the big question is do i send them to school next year them being 4 and 9mths, or do i wait untill the following year. Has anyone been in my situation and what were there experiences? Id love any feedback on the topic. Thanks

nads nsw

wait my eldest sons b day is may 18 we sent him the yr he turned 6 and although he is a bright boy we feel that we did him the biggest favour he is in yr 1 and thriving

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

i think they would start 2nd term do 3 terma of reception

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we held him because although quite, bright he was a bit immature and the preschool teachers thought he would do better waiting another yr. he absolutely loves school and last yr in kindy did very well he was reading books graded for yrs 2-3 by the end of the year so holding him back didnt hurt him at all . i fact, several of the kindy kids in his yr repeated as they should really not have started last yr. the class room teacher & principal have both said they prefer the kids to be that bit older and more mature.I actually strarted school the yr i turned 7 because we had come frm another country where schooling strarts at 7, it didnt hurt me althuough i was always the oldest in the class and started school with only 3 english words my 2 younger boys had no choice one streted this yr bday in oct and the last goes next yr , nov b day. its always tough when they are near the cut off which is july 31 but yrs ago it was march which was probably better

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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Hi, I am 20wks pregnant with my first and I am a primary school teacher, I would definately wait if they were my kids. Its really obvious in a classroom when kids are sent to school to young. Unless they are very ready for school and mature enough to handle it, I wouldm't send them. Also if you want to send them to a catholic, independent or some type of non public school at high school sometimes you have to hold them back a year and they have to repeat year 6.

Tahlia 9wks

Hi there,

I think ultimately it will be up to you to decide if they are mature enough or not.

I am personally born towards end of May, and I was one of the youngest in my year group. I think the worst i suffered was when I finally got to university and I was still only 17 for almost the first half year (very hard when most of the socialising is done in a pub - or was that just the course I was in???)

I will be going though the same with my eldest son. he is born at the end of April. He is also a really really tall boy (tallest in his preschool group, but also one of the youngest). I think it would be socially stigmatising for him to be kept down, he would be even taller than those in the year below. on a positive note, he is going to full time preschool at daycare and based on his behaviour and aptitude there I think he will do fine at school.

For me it would be easier to keep him in daycare for another year as his baby brother will be starting daycare then, but easy for me, wrong for him...

good luck with your choice.

It definately depends on the child. My DS now 15 started when he was 4. His B/day is april 7th. I do not believe there was a chance I could have held him back he was ready for school for sure. The only problems I found was that he had a little bit of trouble socially due to the age difference. That got better with time though. Now he is in yr10 at H/S and is doing some yr11 subjects. He gets along well with all age groups considering there is a 2yr age gap b/w some of the kids in his class. He is doing fantastic with his school work. My kids both started at catholic primary school but I changed them to public when my DS was is grade 4 and my DD in grade 2. I feel that every child is different and it does not matter what school you send them to or when you start them. In the end only you know what is best for your child and how they will cope.
Good luck
Take care
Rachel mum to DS15, DD13, DS#2 22mths and bubEDD 6/12/07

My daughters bday is May 30 and I held her back. She is now in yr2 and thrieving. As a mother of 4 and a primary school teacher, I would hold them back. They will be a little more mature if you send them a little later and will cope with school so much better. It's not always kindy that you notice the age difference, sometimes the problems show up a few years into school and then you may have to make a decision to hold them back. However, every child is different, as is everyone's sitution so it's a decision that you need to make yourself. They may very well be ready. Remember that it's really good to get advice or people's feelings, but no one knows your children like you and in the long run you need to be happy with the choice you make. Good Luck It's one of the many hard decisions we have to make as mums.

my eldest son turned 4 in march and started kindy this far he loves it and is thriving as he is a very switched on individual.He can write several words and recognise them so i had no worries sending him.But it is up to you if you feel your children can cope with it or not

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Hi twinbubs,
I held my eldest son back a year (he is now 13) and also my second son (he is now 8)and I have no regrets. I consulted with my second sons pre-school teacher and it was on her recommendation that he be held back a year to mature. He is in grade 2 and doing very well.

I think if your boys are in pre-school, I'd speak to their teacher and see what she/he thinks.

I felt that if I started them and they had to repeat kindy and then watch the little friends they made go on ahead to first grade, I'd feel horrible. I wanted to make sure they were ready and with my first son, he was busting to get to school by the 2nd half of the year. He was bored and needed challenging and he took to school like a duck to water!

Hope this has been helpful and I have not raved on and on .....

Voluptuous mum to 5 boys!
including 7.5 month twins, Charlie & Harry
i am a preschool teacher, and studying diploma in childrens services
through my knowledge and my own exprience ( my son started school this year (april boy ) turned 6 this year in april
it is better to hold them back
9 i liaise with head of kindyall the time - this is a widespread opinion of teachers and preschool teachers.
plenty of reasons. they dont really cope with it at all at a younger age and are susseptible to bullying etc, hope this helps only my opinion :)good luck with your decision

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