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Our Older Children Lock Rss

Hi everyone

Here is a thread for you to talk about the older siblings of your babies and toddlers until we get our new forum set up for you.

Once the new forum is inplace I will transfer all of the posts across and then you can continue your discussion.

Thanks for your patience whilst we get this ready for you.

Hi Lauraine,

Just wanted to to say thankyou very much for the older Childrens section muchly appreciated smile

my eldest son will be 6 in may he strarted school this year & is doing very well. already doing somr yr1 work so I am a very proud mum. school seemed to settle his behavoir but now my youngest son is turning into a difficult 3 1/2 yr old full of attitude. not a day goes by without a tantrum this morning i videoed him in fine form carrying on . someting to show at his 21st instead of all the cutie pie videos

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi everyone, I have a toddler, Ethan and Hayley 4, Brianna 6, and Zachary 8. My 3rd is about to go to school next term and people have commented that I will love having just one at home! The funny thing is he's so used to having a house full of kids and noise that he's either my shadow or that's when he get's into everything (toilet rolls in the toilet, helping himself to food from the pantry, playing with lot's of fun lotions and soooooooooooooooo much more!!) I'm trying to make the housework fun for me and him, putting on dance music and racing a timer. Playgroup is also great. Still not enough hours in the day tho :~

Stay at home mother of 4, SA


We have a 7 year old and a 5 month old and are expecting the third in April next year.

My life is full but will be fuller next year!! I feel like I am already a mum of 3 sometimes, just that the oldest is 33!!

Bye for now!!

I am also Ruby''''s mum!


I have a 7yr old and a 8week old and she is not coping very well with the new arrival,i try to include her in everything but it dosent seem enough, yesterday she decided not to come home from school but go to a friends and not tell me it took me till 5pm to find her then she wondered why we were angry. Then she decided she doesnt want to live withus and packed her bags. We have explained about letting us know as she was brought up in the UK till just under 2 yrs ago which has more dangers then NZ and we had to warn her there aswell. Does anyone have any suggestions as to solve this moody 7 yr old



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