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hi ladies, just wondering if any one has any experience with montessori schools? am looking into it for ds and was hoping to get some feedback
are they like the private schools?? why does that name sound familiar to me??

yeah, they have programs from 0-3yo, where the parents are involved in
My mum sent my little brother to one in Newcastle for a while. But she ended up pulling him out, as she felt he would benefit from a more structured environment. I think it depends on how you think your child will best learn.

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DS went to a Montessori child care centre. It was the only one in my area at the time. I don't know how "strict" they were on the whole Montessori concept but I found it to be a great centre.

There is a Montessori school here which is prep-yr 7. I work for a Dentist and we had a 6yo boy come in to work needing quite a bit of work done. He attended this Montessori school. When he came to his second appointment, he wouldn't even open his mouth and said he didn't want to do it that day. His mother sat there saying it was his choice and he made all his own decisions as that is the Montesssori way etc. etc.!! I mean, come on, the kid is 6 yo!! It is good to be independent but I think that was taking it too far! A bit too wierd for me but maybe this mother and child was an extreme case?

My babies are all grown up sad

im getting a clearer picture now, thanks guys
Is it a good picture or a bad one?

My babies are all grown up sad

its not looking promising, who wants a kid that has their own mind lol

My babies are all grown up sad

I did some Early Childhood Education at uni. What I remember from viewing a class of Mont.... was that the children would all get there in the mornings, nothing would be laid out for them. No activities for them to go to. They would sit on the carpet together and then discuss any ideas the children would have on what they would do that day. They would all decide on something and then they would organise within themselves how they could make it happen. this one class decided they wanted to make up a Dr's surgery as one of the kids had been the day before. They all did a great job. Some kids made costumes and props for the docs. Some made the reception area, some the waiting area etc...

What I saw, I was really great. But as another poster said, depends on how your child learns!

Yeah, when I did child care we learnt a bit about them too. Opposed to a regular family day care or pre school set up, they focus on the independence of the child. As previously mentioned, there is no structured program or time table for the kids. The thing I didn't particularly like, is as a child care worker, you effectively had less 'interaction' with the child. For example, even a little 3 or 4 year old is encouraged to do everything for them selves, right down to cutting up an apple! (Under supervision). And when we learnt about it, we got told most Montessori centres don't encourage cuddles etc from carers to child. It can be a good or bad thing, depending on how independent your child wants to be. I'm not a fan, but it's a case of each to their own and it largely comes down to the child.

My mum is an early childhood educator, she specialises in working with children with learning difficulties and/or developmental delay. She is also a Montessori trained teacher. It depends on the school as to how strict they are in following the teachings of Maria Montessori. We had Bugs booked in to go to a Montessori playgroup and school prior to moving up here. It encourages independence, self awareness and problem solving. Not all Montessori schools are of the "knit your own yogurt" variety. The structure, as such, of Montessori schools is that children are encouraged to learn at their own pace and in an encouraging and rewarding environment. They are constantly praised and encouraged to work at a level that is challenging yet not so hard that they feel as though they have failed if they do not manage to complete the task. Unless someone has actually seen the Montessori system in action they have little understanding of how much it can encourage a child to develop at a rate that suits the individual child. My mother does recommend that children actually leave the Montessori system at the end of Year 4 as the need to assimilate into "mainstream" education in order to prepare for high school. HTH
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