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Your contraception and the side effects Lock Rss

Can you guys please tell my what type of contraception you are using and the side effects that you are experiencing. I want to hear from people who are actually using the contraception, not who have just read about it.
I am currently using the 3 monthly injection one (i think it's called Depo Provera), it's the first time i have ever used contraception. And i really don't like it.
It gives me really bad cravings, so i'm constantly snacking all day, which means i am putting on weight. I get hot flushes. I have had my period non stop for about 9 weeks already, and i don't really like having sex during my periods. So my sex life is practically dead.
Anyway, i just really don't want to put on weight, i feel crappy and miserable and ugly. Any contraception that does not involve weight gain?????

I can't use any contraception that involves hormones... so kinda makes it narrowed down to abstinence!!!lol or condoms, & being really really careful around the time of ovulation. We've a 3 year old & a 1 year old, and haven't had any mistakes, they were both planned. We are just ultra careful & it has worked for us. I don't like condoms personally, but have to put up with it around mid cycle if we don't want to conceive.
I used to be on the pill, no side effects for me but hubby has had the snip no side effects at all now LOL

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi there

I used the implanon implant before i fell pregnant with my first and between my first and second pregnancies. I had no side effects at all and to my relief my periods stopped all together both times.

It was simple to get put in as it is a small rod the size of a match stick that is implanted into you arm. It is done with anestitic and takes five minutes to put in and ten to take out. No pain and NO periods for most women that have had it put in. If you do by chance get your periods they are substantially lighter.

Hope this info was helpful

Jenny, Vic, Mum of 2 Boys ( 4mth and 2 years)

i have the implonon..this is my second month on this..can i say this is great smile smile ....i've only had a slight period this month if that, it lasted for a day..and the big thing is i'm still losing weight on this, my doctor was shocked when i lost 6.5kg in a month on this...hey:) side effects here ..i've only had 1 migrane and that was at the beginning i think it was within the 2nd/3rd day..but all good from there on my son is now 14 mths old and this is my 1st contraception since having him, didn't want to run out of lucky stars....tongue..and it's the best....but the biggest shock was the bruising after my doc. put it in...under local and BANG it's in......the bruising lasted upto a week...but worth the 3 years

becky,mum of 4,qld

I use the mirena, if you have a health care card it only costs $4:60, and I had it inserted while i was awake, the only thing i felt was some cramping when the dr inserted it, no side effects so far been using for two mths

Hi there

I have the mirena in atm i have had it for 1 year and 6 months and i havent had a single problem.
I havent had a real period since then (light spotting every 3-4 months).
There has been no side effects at all for me. i am a bit scared of getting it removed though.
I went onto the mirena as i kept forgetting to take the pill. I had the injection which lasts 3 months but i put on alot of weight. i didnt want the implanon as i have heard of them getting lost and alot of women falling preg.

Hope this helps
If you don't mind using condoms that would seem your best bet - and if you don't want any more kids - hubby could have the snip - it's day surgery. I was on the pill for 8 years before my first child and loved it - but what I didn't realise was it caused a lot of the mood swings I suffered - not just PMT type. After my first child I went back on, but took myself off cause of moodiness. After second child, I ended up on anti-depressants and eventually thought the pill was impacting this problem also. Am currently off any contraception, hubby had the snip. But I would like to use something that would control my periods but not have the mental/hormonal side affects - as folowing child 2's birth, I am on a 21 day cycle and 7-10 days of periods. YUK! Not great in summer either, holidays etc.

Bron, mum of 2 girls (9yrs and 4 yrs), Syd.

I too used the depo needle as well and have just decided not to continue on with it. I also was putting on weight which is so depressing so I have now gone back on the pill called levlin and so far I feel okay. The only bonus to the needle was that I had no period for the 12mnths I used it but I was eating all the time too which was shocking for the figure.
I am now trying to loose weight that I put on so I hope I can start to once the injection is fully out of my system.
Good luck with your decision

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