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I am a shocking mother Lock Rss

beware ladies, what i am about to reveal will shock you to the core...better sit down for this one.....

I am a shocking mother

Sometimes i stay in my pjs all day.......some days my kids do too,
my nappies go straight into the bag, i dont put the poo down the loo,

The 3 second rule is good in our home, for dummies and bottles and food,
once my son ate his own poo...goodness i must be rude

I breastfed and bottlefed......dont get confused, i have a vacum in my cupboard that hardly gets used,

I have done controlled crying god i am mean, Dont come too close, my teeth arent clean.

I use dummies........hahahaha

My 2.5 yr old has a bottle....beat that

I have issues with sleeping and tantrums and washing hair,
Some days im so tired my kids are so hard to bare

Sometimes we eat takeaway, baby food from a tin, exercise is too hard for me my fitballs in the bin

Sometimes i kick they toys under the bed so the kids can go to sleep

Sometimes they share food with the dog (dont faint)

I must be a shocking mother...cant get anything right.......

I wont loose sleep over it...i dont think you can get less than im having anyway.

ill understand if nobody wants to talk to me anymore ive just revealed my darkes secrets

Have a good day ladies........

RFLMAO Bianca.
That's me to a T.

I have seen DS have a bite of his sandwhich then give the dog a lick then have another bite. LOL
Although the worst would be that ds once raided the dogs bowl for food. Don't get me wrong I feed him, but on this occasion we'd given the dog the crusts from the raisin bread and ds wanted them for himself so he grabbed them out before the dog could eat it, then I had to chase him round the backyard to get it off him.

I am so bad that I've decided that if there's an easy way that's the way to go.
I breast feed because I'm too lazy to be bothered cleaning and sterilising bottles, and because I can't be bothered working out how much I'll need when I go out.

My washing is out the door of the laundry, I actually now just stand a few metres away from the door and piff the washing onto the pile. What's the bother with the basket I'll just have to get the washing out of it when sorting anyway. we won't go into having different baskets for different loads, DH can't manage it he just puts it in the closest basket.

CC just ask anyone here i have been crucified for leaving my son to cry whilst I had a shower. Now I just turn the monitor off so I can't hear them, they eventually fall asleep. Its the only way I get my kids to get rid of their wrap, they just realise its cry or sleep. After a while they choose sleep.

So there my secrets out. I don't care my kids are well fed and well loved isn't that whats important.

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As a first time mother it is such a relief to realise that being human is OK. Thankyou for making me smile!

I haven't read all your replies yet but thanks for letting people know about my life. Mind you I only have 2 under 3!!!!! (and yes my 2.5 year old still has a bottle)

I haven't vacuumed for 2 days (and you can tell, although it looks more like it's been 2 weeks).

"Hmmmm sit on the computor while the 6 months old sleeps and the 2.5 year old watches TV, or vacuum Ummmmm...guess what won!!"

You are not alone (and thanks now I know neither am I)


I just found another thing.

I made some baby food the other day, and forgot about it, (most pots I froze, but there were another 2 in the fridge) And I had to ask myself were these done in the last 48 hours, turns out they were so one got eaten for dinner, the other one made it's way to the freezer, (which is good because I hate wasting food and would have hated throwing them both out) But then I realised that she's just finished eating pumpkin and veg for dinner (it's pumpkin, peas, spinach and rice) and she had a jar of Mr Heinz pumpkin and couscous for dinner. ROFL, looks like she'd better be having some meat for lunch tomorrow hey?
Yes but not that Oprah doesn't have children, and not only that she has a whole team of make up artists and stylists for her.
Its lucky that crushed look is in fashion at the moment lol.

I normally only iron dh work gear. He has enough shirts to get through 2 weeks so on the 2nd weekend I just get it all done while watching telly. It's not that bad, I have to be in the mood for ironing otherwise I really hate it.

I do iron some of the kids gear that needs it, mostly the shirts and dresses that are worn for "special" but they hardly get worn anyway, so it's no big deal.
Hey Dizzie, I am glad I am not the only person who does not shower every day. I do in Summer, only because I am just too stinky if I don't.

Those wet wipes are fantastic aren't they? I guess I am doing my bit for water conservation lol.

Hi, thought I would add that sometimes things in the house just have to slide a little so I can focus on the kids.

However, the bathroom is always done once a week (lol, even if I have to do it over 2 days, it does get done) and somehow the kitchen is always clean. I believe that a house doesn't always have to be tidy to be clean. As for dust, well, there is certainly a lot of dust around here, but I don't think that's a bad thing.
I don't know if you are being serious biancam and chukkas???

But if you are, there is NOTHING halarious about it...

I am horrified!!, what kind of people are you? and why have children if you can't be bothered looking after them and what seems like you don't even like them!!

I cannot beleive that you think it is funny to live in filth and let your kids fend for them selves while you sit on your bums and laugh?

I appologise if I have taken this to heart if it is a joke (OMG I hope it is).

But if it isn't, you should be mighty ashamed!

eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?


I LOVE this topic! So good to here that out familys are normal and we all do the same stuff but think no one knows or even would do what we do!!

Showers what are they! With a 3 week old and a four year old where do you fit it in????

We have a four year old who watches kids TV when we sould should be doing something useful!

We have a really nice Dining table that is now a Laundry come play table!

We aslo let our four year old sneak into our bed throught the night so we can get some more sleep!

We also share our food with the dog and HAVE TO KISS the dog befor bed...(just in case)

I must say i must be a Bad mother but i still get kisses and cuddles and told "I love you Mummy lots and lots"

Oh well lets keep up the "Bad mothering" cosidering our mothers did the same stuff (but would never tell us they did) and we all turned out "OK"

Have a great day...


Beck mum of :Tyson 23/06/01 Flynn 01/05/06

This is my 2 bobs worth:

I laughed and laughed when I read the first couple of pages, I so relate to them. I could only read the first couple as the DS#2 did what toddlers do...

W: As for the washing, all you mums who actually take the washing out of the washing machine... you are doing well. Mine gets left and left and then re-rinsed and then thrown into the dryer, or the clothes horse for those things that I want to sell on eBay- if i ever get the chance.

I: Anyting that needs ironing doesnt get bought, or worn.

F: Well we have 3 under 3! It can happen in your sleep!

E: the only reason why the dishes are done is becasue we bought a dishwasher with the baby bonus from DS#2, and a lawnmower.

I am lucky, I do get a shower before lunch, thank you Play School and the porta cot/ play pen with high sides.

Go the dummies++ and the 3 second rule... my kids wouldnt get fed if it didnt exist.

I wax 3 times a year to keep the forest in check.

Hair cuts only happen prior to going into hospital to have a baby. I stopped colouring as it needed maintaining.

I have got 2 kamakazi kids, and I can strongly relate to having a baby hanging off the boob as you rescue the others.

Just a quick hello to all the other mums that have, or had 3 under 3. I have only been in these shoes for 4 weeks, and its lotsa fun. And to give the rest of the group an idea of what I think of people who dont have 3 under 3... when I was pregnant DD people used to comment 'well you are going to have your hands full', and my response was 'I already do!'

But geepers I love my kids and although I am now turning grey, have bad skin, and have clothes with spit markes on the shoulders, I would not swap them for anything.

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

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