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younger mums..... Lock Rss

hi my name is kylie. i had a baby boy

Hayden John
DOB 12.2.06
EDD 10.2.06 (my Bday)
WEIGHT 7lb 15.5oz (8 pound)
H/C 34cm

i turned 19 two days before i had him, just wanting to talk to some younger mums to see how they are coping with it all.

***haydens mum***

Hi Kylie,

I am also 19, and had a baby boy on 13/12/05, Byron Jaxon.

I find I get a lot of critism as a young mum, and everybody is always saying "just give him to me" when he is fussing, and it drives me nuts!

I find the hardest thing, is friends that are my age just don't understand that I can't just leave bubba with Nan and enjoy every weekend out, and that I would rather be home with him. You find that you have less and less contact with these people, and find friends that have kids, and are usually older than you (my closest friend is 31), which can be good, they can give some really usefull advice.

It can be so hard and so fustrating, and some days you feel like you can't do it anymore. If you ever need to vent, my email is [email protected]

hi girls
my name is Miriam i had my baby when i was 19
i turned 20 7 weeks later

Lillie was born on the 30/10/05
her due date was......28/10/05
she weighed.............8pound 5 ounces(a shock as im very very tiny)
it was the happiest day of my partners and my lives and we love every single day with her she constantly makes us laugh and already has daddy wrapped around her fat lillte fingers

Lillie....1 year old!!!

hey, i had a beautiful baby girl

Hayley Andrea
DOB 15/01/06
EDD 7/01/06
WEIGHT 8lb 2oz
LENGTH 52.5cm
H/C 37.5cm

i am 17 at the moment, i'm loving being a mum, she's growing up so fast the past 3 months have flown. how is everyone's easter? what did you buy your little ones?

Hayley - 15/01/2006 Kayla - 10/04/2008

Hi,My name is Jacqui first time posted on here so hope doing right thing. i had a little baby boy 2.
Jayden Andrew
DOB 4.03.06
weight 7lb 5oz
length 51cm
h/c 35
im 19 and had jayden by emergecy c-section,
Happy easter everyone

Jacqui,Tas,Jayden 4/03/06

Hi Kylie,
I am also a young mum (23) and had a beautiful baby boy 2 weeks ago - Hayden Robert! So far coping really well, have a really supportive partner who loves being a dad, so we make a pretty good team!

How are you doing so far? Is there anything in particular? I think we got lucky with Hayden because he never cries! He only whimpers when he wakes up because he is hungry, but apart from that he's an angel!! I'm loving being a mum - what about you? If you want to email me: [email protected]

Hayden's mummy

Hi young mums im 24 years old and I get looks and stared at by other people and im older but as I see it my partner and I look after our daughter and feed her and etc so it has nothing to do with them and we a paying off our house and still paying all the other bills and that with one wage.

I have one thing to say to you young mums that you are doing a excellent job with being a mum and dont listen to these people who dont know what they a talking about and keep up the good work and im proud of you young mums.


Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

HI all
My name i shianne I had a girl

DOB 2.11.04
EDD 14.10.04
WEIGHT 8lb 2oz

I was 19 when i had her i turned 20 a month later
she is a beautiful little girl who has just found her shadow and reflection. whens she founds one of them she always talks with them and dances lol. its so cute.

Shazz and beautiful Sarah

Hi Im Kamini I'm new to this website.
Im 20 and my son Oliver is 9 1/2 months old.

Oliver David Alexander Brown
DOB 11th July 2006
EDD 23rd July
WEIGHT 6lb 2oz

I had an emergency c-section with him.

I'm also looking forward to my 21st this year and then Ollie's 1st is the next month
if you like to chat add me to msn [email protected] im 23 and i have 3 kids
hi there kylie, i'm not a very young i'm 26 but i had my 1st bub when i was 17, i have 2 boys josh and lochie 8 and 7 and 3 cute''e'' little girl's molly 5 maggie 3 and charlotte 23 mths i just got told of for not say that the boys are cute too , so i have 2 cute boy's now his happy ] and due in feb i have a bub due if it's a girl her name will b TESSA IMOGEN or if a boy REGAN JACK. Just like u i turned 18 some days after josh''ie'' was born , so i no just how it is all the people that think they no every thing looking at u like u are low life your not your a mother. Do u have any help . here from u soon .peta.

mummy 4 joshie loc mol mag Char Tess

I'm a young mum, I had Tarquin Winter on February 22nd 04. I turned 22 in the June.

We live in Hervey Bay with Tarquin's Dad.

Love to chat to other mums..

got msn [email protected] and yahoo heX_venus

Sarah - mum to Tarquin, Lilith and BB3 -

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