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where has my mind gone? Lock Rss

when i was pregnant i noticed i was forgetting stuff and a bit absent minded. i thought this would go once bub was here, but have noticed am still all over the place - preoccupied i suppose. Anyone else the same.
some of my most brilliant moments are almost brushing my teeth with foot cream and putting the salad in the cupboard under the sink instead of in the fridge - which i only discovered a week later when the lettuce was nice and slimey!

robert 15 feb 06 qld

LOL!!!!! i've done that with the lettuce as well, but i put the whole plate in the pantry! lol yeah you're not alone. i put the ice magic in the fridge last night, then DH wondered why it wasnt comming out

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

Don't worry 19mths on and I am still a scatter brain!!
Before bub I had a memory like an elephant.
I am guessing I pushed mine out with my placenta wink

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