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Parents who do not want grandparents in their childs life Lock Rss

Thankyou L*Bad my thoughts exactly.

I don't have any problem with an unfit grandparent being kept out of a grandchilds life, but when its done OUT OF SPITE, or the parent is just being unreasonable then its extremely cruel.

It only hurts the Child and the Grandparent.

i have a quick question iv asked on here b4 but no1 seems to answer.
I live in New Zealand i was wondering if grandparents have any legal right to their grandchildren?
What legally can they do to gain access to them?

I have no doubt in my mind that my mil will do something legal to gain access to our son, but does she in fact have any right at all?

I'm in Property Law so I am not sure how much help I am going to be here, seeing as this is more of a Family Law matter. As far as I know, your parents need to establish that they have had some sort of significant relationship with your child, before they will even get near a Magistrate. Seeing as the child is only 6 months old, that's not possible.

These days, especially with Family Law matters most people go through an FDR before they decide to go to court. Family Dispute Resolution. This is when two sides sit down individually with a Mediator to air their problems, then if the Mediator thinks that the two parties can come to some kind of resolution they will organize a Joint Family Dispute Resolution Session.

I guess your parents COULD take this option if they wanted to gain access, but hopefully you could come to some agreement before this matter heads to court, BUT seeing as your parents have no idea about the child even being born there really is nothing to worry about.

BTW don't spend any more money getting legal advice for this matter, there is no threat to your child being taken from you, nor is there any immediate danger of your parents finding out you even have a child, so don't stress too much on this issue, just enjoy your young family. A friend of mine who works in Family Law, her Firm charges $600 per hour for a Solicitor, plus $200 per hour for Administration Duties. Just ring Legal Aid or a Woman's Legal Help Line next time if you need advice, okay?

Good luck.
I find this thread quite reassuring - I'm glad to know that others have struggled with the issue. I haven't spoken to my parents in 11 months since they announced at our wedding how they had never liked my DH but really had no choice anymore - at our wedding!!!!!

I had struggled for years to cope with my Mother's negative and controlling behaviour and had been advised by doctors and counsellors (sp?) to cut her out of my life but good never bring myself to do it - she was very controlling and I felt very indebted to her for some reason (still don't know why really). But that was the final straw. I could put up with her critising me - I was used to it after having it all my life - but when she was so rude about the man I loved and who made me feel so good about myself, something snapped.

And now we are expecting a little boy. The old guilt and indebtedness (sp?) comes creeping back. Should she be allowed access to my child?

My DH is dead set against it and the cognitive clever part of my brain knows its a bad idea. Our lives are so much more peaceful without her and, lets face it, the DS wont know who she is for a few years anyway. So I have decided, as logically as I can, not to put any more stress on me or us at this time. Still, there's always a little bit of me that feels mean for denying her access to the child.

On the legal side - having worked for the Dept of Child Safety for some time, I know that Grandparents do have to establish an existing relationship or demonstrate that the custodial parent is somehow dysfunctional before being granted any visitation/access rights. I feel for the grandparents who had such a deep relationship with their kids and hope that the good sense of the other grandmother will win out. However, I still think, in general, the parental rights should be primary.

Well thats my 2c. Thanks for the opportunity to vent.

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